How are we doing?

How are we doing?


Well let me see:


  • The rate of growth is 1.7% which is 26th out of 28 and one third of countries like Romania.
  • Education is in crisis. Schools have major budget crises. Teachers are leaving in droves. Support staff have been decimated. Pay cuts are causing chaos.
  • The pound dropped through the floor and hasn’t recovered so goods are more expensive.
  • The NHS is in crisis. Doctors and nurses recruitment is dire. Waiting lists grow. Pay cuts are causing chaos.
  • The courts are in crisis. Funding cuts have meant that justice is a lottery. Court cases are collapsing.
  • The wealthy are doing very nicely. Tax cuts have given them more money.
  • Privatisation is doing nicely. In the NHS, Education, Rail, Prisons and loads of other places the wealthy are making profits.
  • The railways are in chaos.
  • Bankers are doing very nicely. None of them had to pay for the mess they made and their bonuses are great.
  • Prisons are in crisis. Pay cuts have made it hard to recruit warders.
  • Policing is in crisis. Pay cuts and cut backs have created a big rise in crime. People are being stabbed and shot.
  • The DUP are doing very nicely. Their billion pound bung was very nice. They are now stopping Northern Ireland from going forward. Still – women can go to Eire.
  • Social services are in crisis. There is no money to care for old people or the needy.
  • Rough sleeping is up.
  • Food banks are up.
  • Ex Tory Ministers are doing very nicely and making a killing.
  • The armed forces have been cut to the bone. May can’t even afford a war like Thatcher did.
  • The disabled and needy are being hammered.
  • Immigration is still around 250,000 – higher than in 2011/2/3.
  • Racism and hate crime is on the rise.
  • Brexit talks are a disaster. The hard right are setting the agenda. We’re giving away billions.
  • Fascism is on the rise.
  • The gig economy is doing well. People are working for next to nothing.


So – in summary

– if you are poor, disabled or needy austerity has hit you hard.

–        If you are young and educated you can flip burgers for peanuts. There are few prospects.

–        If you are a public servant you are being scapegoated.

–        If you are an immigrant you will be blamed for everything.

–        If you are wealthy you’ve never had it so good.


What was it again? We’re all in it together? Well that is manifestly not true. Austerity is only for the poor and public servants – the wealthy are immune.


Well that is what you get with eight years of Tory rule!! That’s what you voted for!

11 thoughts on “How are we doing?

  1. Looks like someone has been reading the Red Star.
    It’s all the more evident the scale of disaster left by the last Labour government.
    But rest assured as everything is temporary.

    1. Roger – I think you will find that the economy was blossoming under Labour – the only time the economy was in the black, public services were great – what’s not to like? Go and look up the economic record. Labour were brilliant. It dips under Tories. You can’t blame Labour for the financial crisis. That started in the USA.
      That’s not out of any Red propaganda. That’s reality. What is not true in the list above? It seems to me that it’s the Tory press that is successful at conning everyone.

      1. Opher, if you believe that then you’ll believe anything. You are wholly delusional.
        I can very much blame Labour for the financial crisis as they escalated heavy-weight debts of an unprecedented magnitude. What the hell was ‘brilliant’ about that?
        You live in a bloody dream world and have forgotten more than perhaps you ever knew.
        You’re also fixated with ‘Tory press’. What about the people that don’t read such press?
        You made a list that is full of huge holes, misinformation, wrong information and bad information. Your comment about young people ‘who can flip burgers and there are few prospects’ is drivel. My nephew already has a job to go to even before he starts his university degree course on journalism. He has a guarantee upon completion.
        There’s certainly a problem for youngsters that do mickey-mouse courses and they probably do end up in bum jobs, but didn’t they second guess that years before?
        Sadly, being in possession of a modicum of intelligence is no longer a prerequisite for university, these days, as any muppet with 30% passes gets in to loon around on brain-dead courses for chumps.

        It obviously has never crossed your mind why a 3rd world cesspit like Romania is currently running a higher GDP. I urge you to find out.
        As for the rest of your list, could it get less specific? These issues are not country-wide and exist in pockets here and there and frequently more so in areas jammed silly with over immigration. Many Africans bring with them a variety of ailments and proceed to jam up the NHS. Pop into any east London hospital you choose and see it for yourself. Not all is as you claim, for instance, the courts system is working at full capacity in Yorkshire having just jailed yet another round of Pakistani child rapists, so no obvious problems there.
        Immigration is what it is because of the EU. Or did that slip by you? Many are clambering in before the door gets shut next year. Many will also find themselves flung out again or will leave by their own devices upon realisation that they no longer qualify for benefits for four years. The eastern bloc, ie, Romanians, will get nothing.
        Basically, we are suffering the after effects of some very irresponsible lax immigration policy (or non-policy) and encouraged a free for all that has risen to bite our collective asses. We reaped what we sowed.

        I see you (probably intentionally) chose to ignore the increase in crime. That’s in truth again thanks to a large proportion our eastern bloc guests who are intent on criminality. In due course they will also be deported back home.

        A massive part of the problem is the ineptitude of too many Labour driven county councils that have succumbed to cronyism, a kind of skewered brotherhood nepotism, that ultimately fails because the incumbents of council positions are unqualified. Technical and intellectual deficiencies are brought to the fore and it’s only the public at large that suffers. There now exist far too many county and local councils that focus on Islamic issues before anything else, resulting in gross disproportionate representation across the board. Woe betide anybody that complains for fear of the deluge of accusations of being a racist etc.

        Basically, everybody in any position of power and authority has had a part to play in where we see ourselves today. For you to simply select a segment and focus all your venom and ire towards them is plain wrong and highly inaccurate on many levels.
        Even your very Bob Crow had this to say, “the Labour Party betrayed working people.”

        To anger a Conservative, lie to him. To anger a Leftist Liberal, tell him the truth.

        If you think things are bad now, they could in fact get a lot worse and I’d be interested to know what your take is on Corbyn’s wish to bring Sharia to our transport system.

      2. I know Roger – Labour were responsible for the collapse in America and around the world. If you believe that you’ll believe anything. They did spend too much because they were trying to shore it up and stop it collapsing and failed. Labour records on finance far exceed Tory ones – check it out.
        I remember it well. My memory goes back to past Tory administrations too with similar callous patterns of behaviour. They always cut public services and give to the rich. They aren’t called the nasty party for nothing. You need to look at history a bit more.
        The Tory press and the Tory media. They own it all and control it all – radio, TV and newspapers. They tell lies.
        You obviously don’t follow what is happening to graduates in the gig economy. I see hordes of bright ex-students of mine stacking shelves in supermarkets or working in garage forecourts. Not because they did bum courses but because the Tories are moving towards an American style low wage economy.
        over 50% of immigration comes in from outside the EU – did that escape you? There was a clause in the EU that Britain did not use that would have reduced immigration. Under the Tories it is the highest its ever been.

        I did not ignore the increase in crime – not as you claim due to immigrants but due to police cuts that have devastated the service.

        As an exteacher (with 36 years experience) with a son in teaching, a son in the NHS, a daughter-in law in the police and many friends in public service I know the devastating effects of Tory policy. They are evil.

        No I won’t rise to your racist comments. There are obviously some criminals who come in with immigrants. They need dealing with by the courts and are being. I don’t go in for Daily Express/Mail/Sun racist propaganda.

        What I reported, far from being full of holes, was accurate. It is a snapshot of the mess this far-right government is making of things. They disgust me.

        To anger a Tory take away his/her second and third jobs!

        Just like they did through the whole Brexit debate – THEY LIE!!!!

      3. I refuse to sink to your levels of immaturity.
        1. I never mentioned America. Don’t cite America as having anything to do with Labour’s abortive attempts. What has that got to do with Labour borrowing billions and billions at the most expensive borrowing rates on the world market? Couldn’t they have simply asked the EU? What that crisis did do was confirm that Labour failed under pressure and were indeed not fit for office and they’ve been on the subs bench for many yaers now, with many more to follow. Most people hate them.
        2. Labour records on finance are a laughing stock. Do some research before you step in any more.
        3. What did Labour do for in the past? They charged 96% tax, chased off all the investors and ran the country into the ground with strikes, strikes and more strikes where we ended up with a 3-day week. How hypocritical of you to suggest otherwise.
        Or did that fall off your memory?
        4. You call them the nasty party. I don’t know anybody else who does.
        5. The Tory Press and the Tory Media. Press, yes, same applies to Labour, too. But what is Tory Media? I know of no such source. You suggest radio and TV? Which stations in particular? Considering Channel Four News has a very strong left-wing bias, that’s all that springs to mind.
        6. Your ex-students live in a Labour run deprived area. They never had a chance.
        Europe as whole is moving in that direction. Too many people chasing too few jobs because we are too expensive and south America, China, India and south-east Asia are far cheaper. Been going that way for a long time and nothing to do with UK.
        7. I mentioned African immigration and well aware how our problems arise as I outlined them for you on the previous post and this obviously must have escaped you.
        That clause regards EU immigration was only applicable if there was war, by means of invasion or civil war. As neither occurred, the terms of the clause could not be applied.
        It is believed some 1.1 million entered unaccounted for under Labour. Or did you simply chose just to ignore that?
        8. What racist comments? A Pakistani child rapist is exactly that, nothing more, nothing less. You are beginning to sound very much like that lunatic woman in the Labour Party, Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West and a key ally of Corbyn, who had written an open letter attacking Sarah Champion for writing an article that said Britain had a problem with Pakistani Muslim men targeting vulnerable young white girls. Champion had to resign for speaking out and lost her position on the front bench as Corbyn put the Muslim bloc vote in front of the rape of young girls. Shah went on to publicly state that, quote, “those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of #diversity!”. That’s the nasty party if ever there was one.
        You don’t need any newspaper’s propaganda, all you need is a list of the court hearings, revue the charges appertained to individuals and their names will educate you. It’s not genius level intuition and my guess is you’d manage just fine.
        9. It’s a snap shot that is not representative or widespread. It exists in stoked pockets.
        If we did have a far-right government, then there wouldn’t be a massive march taking place this coming 9th, would there?
        10. I doubt there’s too many Tories with several jobs. There will be few, but generally they are better educated, therefore better qualified for the better jobs.
        11. So the Remain crew did not lie, is that what you’re also saying? I can’t speak for anyone else but I was pretty much in touch in what I was voting for. It wasn’t too difficult with a choice of Yes or No. It wasn’t too much of a struggle. How was it for you? Tough? Confused over Tory Lies and Labour Truths? Funny how a majority of ex-Labour voters voted for Brexit. Must have bust you balls. Funny how all the fake news comes from the Marxist elite left.

        You recently made some comments in praise of Scandinavia. You angrily disagreed that Sweden was having severe problems and that Malmo was now entirely over-run by immigrants. Last week three Mosques were burned down. Yesterday, Denmark banned the wearing of the burqa and niqad as they are now classed as “incompatible with Danish values.” Norway will follow shortly with a ban in schools and universities.

        Racist (noun) 1. Someone who wins an argument against a liberal.

        Come on then Labour slave, what’s your take on Corbyn’s wish to bring Sharia to our transport system? Or can’t you answer or didn’t you know? I suspect the latter as it’s representative of a lot of other things you’ve said.

      4. Morning Roger – I shall ignore the Ad Hominems.
        No – I mentioned America. You cited Labour as responsible for wasting money. I pointed out that the crash started in America and Labour had to respond. They had to borrow money quick to shore up the economy. They couldn’t borrow from the EU – it was a global collapse remember. The rates were high and they might have been able to do better though I suspect any government in that crisis would have had the same outcome. I well remember Tory fiascos such as Black Friday.
        I do my research thank you. You need to do some as well instead of quoting the Daily Express at me. The only time the country has been in the black was under Tony Blair!! Check it out!

        As for the nasty party – I know lots of people who call them that and it is a term that even is quoted in the media (right wing as it all is). Channel Four left-wing?? Which planet are you on? Even the BBC is packed with Tories on the board!
        I do live in a depressed part of the country. The whole of the North is depressed as a result of this government. But it is the same pattern down South. Graduates are flipping burgers, stacking shelves and delivering packages.
        No Roger – wrong EU clause – I’ll dig it out if I have time!!
        Yes I do think your views on immigrants are racist. Africans and Pakistanis are not all criminals and rapists.

        Now, seeing as this is a pointless exercise going over the same old stuff with you entrenched in your Daily Mail perspective. Perhaps you should tell me some things that you think this government is doing right seeing as you are such a Tory Boy. I can’t see anything. They have messed up the economy, public services and, due to party political reasons, have got us into Brexit which will cost us untold billions and mess us up for generations to come. You think the sun shines out of their arse well fire away.

      5. PS – the silly quote at the end of your piece about sharia law was yet another racist islamophobic bit of childishness – and you call me immature!!

      6. No Roger – the country do not think that. They are sick to death of Tory austerity and lies. The Nasty Party live up to their epithet time and again – rob from the poor and needy to give to the rich – the reason they were formed in the first place.
        If it wasn’t for the hatchet job being meticulously carried out by all the media 9including Channel 4 and the BBC) branding Corbyn as an extremist, IRA loving, terrorist loving commie Labour would be out of sight. I can only assume that you are so very right-wing that even the centre looks left to you.

        I notice you are very short of citing wonderful achievements of the Tories.
        That’s because there aren’t any. It is obvious that they are pressing ahead relentlessly with their stupid policies of austerity and privatisation while giving tax cuts to the rich and corporations. They disgust me. In education it’s backward looking policies of Grammar Schools, ridiculous Free Schools (where any Tom Dick and Harry can teach), stupid Religious schools (where our kids can be indoctrinated at cut-price rates – Islam, Jew and Catholic alike with the odd creationist thrown in) or equally stupid Academies where they are fodder for businesses. That’s par for the course. The privatisation of the NHS is equally obnoxious. Then I suppose you deny that the cuts to the police aren’t responsible for the rise in crime.
        You’re flogging a dead horse. This is the worst government we’ve had since the second world war and that’s saying something.

        Brexit was a Tory stupidity. You obviously have a short memory. Cameron and Osbourne offered a vote in order to appease the hard-right nationalist nutters (who are now running the show) to keep them quiet before the election. They thought at the time that they’d be in coalition again and wouldn’t have to go through with it. They ended up with a slim majority and were well and truly hoisted. They went ahead thinking they’d win it anyway so what the hell. They lost. We all lost. We set off on the biggest fiasco in our history – one that will cost us countless billions (and already has!) – and you have the nerve to say that Labour messed up!
        Brexit was a classic example of the Tories putting Party before country. Which is precisely what May has continued to do. We now have the creationist nutters of the DUP calling the shots. What an immoral bunch of wankers!!
        As for my education – it was fine thanks. You obviously have not done your homework. You continue to recite the sort of tripe I see in the gutter press. Blair’s governments were economically the best we’ve had. I keep saying – check it out! Compared to this bunch of useless wankers they were a dream.
        You’re quick to blow the war criminal trumpet but the Tories backed the war 100%. Short memory.
        You are supporting an immoral bunch of hard-right extremists who are callously applying the worst policies we’ve ever seen. The pot-holes in all the roads, the knifings, the teachers and nurses leaving in droves, the poor economy and pound through the floor, the rising prices and bleak future are all testament to that. Tell me how good it is while you’re waiting for a train or an ambulance. Or are you, like the Tory bastards, with your own private health care, private schools and chauffeur driven car?

  2. Opher, salutations and all that, but you really will have to try harder.
    Your excuses made are pathetic and untruthful. With comments like “they had to borrow money quick to shore up the economy.” Like I said, they were unfit for purpose and the country at large still thinks so. Why couldn’t they borrow from the EU? Oh, a global collapse? Right. So, what sort of financial crisis collapse would it need to be to get a loan of some of Switzerland’s countless trillions? Don’t try to mug me off, matey boy. Wise up to the facts of the matter and get yourself a bloody better education.

    Nobody’s quoting you any newspapers. That’s your level obviously, but not mine. And I really couldn’t give a flying fuck what that mass murderer Blair achieved or didn’t achieve in domestic politics. That left-wing fucking psycho dragged up so much shit that I wouldn’t mind shooting him and his ilk as they are all a most dangerous waste of space and air.

    Yes, Channel Four News is left-wing. You’d only have to watch the news to tell you that. It’s on for an hour and repeat channel every night. Or are you unable to get reception in that run-down-to-rut part of north England?
    The whole of the north is not depressed as Newcastle and Durham are not, far from it actually. I was at a conference in Harrogate two weeks ago and it was very pleasant indeed. I also stayed at a friend’s in Clifford, a beautiful pucker village three miles south of Wetherby. That west Yorkshire area, Boston Spa, Tadcaster, Bramham is very pleasant indeed and nothing at all “depressed”. Why do you exaggerate things like that when there’s a strong chance that other’s may know better, as is the case here? That’s immature. But Hull’s been on the skids for yonks and what else could be expected with a heap of shit like John Prescott as an MP for decades. I know for a fact that there’s loads of people from there who hate him and think that he’s a worthless self-serving imbecile. But that’s labour and Labour councils for you. Greasy, greedy champagne socialists.

    Yes, you check out that EU clause.
    Nothing prevents economic migrants from traipsing in from EU or the Commonwealth.
    The only reason that immigration has all of a sudden become of concern to the left-wing is because they have finally realised their policy on free-for-all has come back to haunt them. They now have too few voters and lost too many to the two other parties and decimated themselves in Scotland and could never win a general election.
    Even the left’s very own think tank, DEMOS, released a report on May 30th, stating it’s findings where 71% think that immigration has divided communities where migrants have settled. This rose to 78% in areas with wide scale immigration.
    When the left starts to panic about immigration then the shit has hit the fan.

    I would take the Conservatives any day over Labour. Simple as that. Labour has sunk to the depths of depravity as far as I and millions of others are concerned. They are racist, divisionary, reactionary and simply can no longer be trusted. They certainly do not possess anything like the required calibre of personnel if their current shadow-cabinet is anything to go by. There are a proportion of extremely unqualified people on board in there. I’ve already mentioned a few. Ghastly people.

    No you are wrong. The general public by consensus of a democratic vote got us into Brexit. Nobody else. It’s high time the knob-heads understood that. What the Tories did do, is bring it to the table to be decided upon. So your vote turned into dust, again, get over it and stop complaining. Move on.

    No, it’s not immature. racist (?) or that non-word so beloved by leftist virtue signallers, Islamophobe – which was created to hide the evil truth about Islam. It was created to stop free speech, plain and simple.
    FYI, Corbyn’s idea to prevent women being assaulted on trains by Muslim rapists, is to give them secure carriages! Which is very similar to the implementation of Sharia. Today, in London, they – Corbyn and Labour Muslim MP’s are pushing for Muslim and non-Muslim carriages on the London Underground. That’s all he’s interested in is bringing Sharia to our transport system.
    Muslims only represent 5% of the total population and for Corbyn to be bending over backwards sends out all the wrong messages.

    Accepting immorality and perversion as normal is the leftist agenda.
    They are anti-social vampires.

    1. Roger – no I didn’t notice that – largely because it’s not true.
      The facts are quite clear if you could only see what is right before your eyes. I’ll summarise them for you:
      The Tories are messing everything up. You couldn’t even come up with one thing they have achieved (how’s that for decimating me?)
      a. They are totally messing up Brexit with their extreme hard-right nationalism
      b. They have messed up the economy with their austerity dogma (26th out of 28)
      c. They have created crises in all public services through vindictive cuts (education, police, courts, NHS, Social Services)
      d. They are promoting privatisation to enable their chums to make more money out of us (education and NHS being good examples)
      e. The railways are in a mess
      f. Energy firms are ripping us off
      g. They have ridiculous destructive policies – grammar schools, religious schools, academies, free schools.
      h. They have made swingeing cuts to local authorities resulting in libraries being shut, potholes in roads, youth clubs being closed and support and care being run down.
      I. They have slashed funding for our defence running down the army, Navy and Airforce

      You are totally unable to refute any of the above and you insanely think you have decimated me?? What planet are you on?
      I asked you to cite the Tory achievements all I got was long rants about historic Labour sins.
      If they are so good then try telling us some of the wonderful things they are doing.
      I don’t see it.
      Today they flogged off shares in RBS to their chums at a loss of 2 Billion quid. I suppose you think that’s great? Short termism to shore up the mess they are making. That’s just what Thatcher did – selling off all our assets at knock-down prices and squandering North Sea oil. How many tens of Billion did she waste?

      BTW – the potholes exist all over the country, I’ve just been to the other side of the country and right up the country too and I happen to live in a Tory shire. They are the result of the stupid austerity programme robbing local authorities of money.

  3. Opher, in case you didn’t notice, but I’ve already decimated you on three occasions, as above. There’s nothing more needs said. I’m really not interested in your opinions or feelings, just the hard facts. The facts do the telling.
    Your complaints will all go unheard. You sit in the minority.
    If you can’t accept what an idiot Corbyn has been and continues to be – doesn’t he just have 30% support? – then there’s no helping you.
    I detest what Labour has become and the kind of people who run them. There’s too much racist garbage like Diane Abbott and Naz Shah.
    These two very nasty bitches have done your party a great deal of permanent harm, yet you’re in denial about it. Thankfully the vast majority in this country don’t agree with you and an indicator of that would be the shitty results for Labour in that last round of local elections. All too few give a shit about them anymore.

    Btw, the pot holes in your roads are because you have a shitty Labour local council.
    What did you think parking fines were for? The OAP Christmas Party? No, that’s alocal problem and your council aren’t working for you, as per usual.
    Where I live, we don’t seem to have any pot hole problems. Our roads are excellent.
    Or much signs of any other problems either. Maybe it’s because it’s a Tory county council. I can thoroughly recommend them.

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