Pompeii – A second visit.

This spring we went back to Sorrento. It was a place that I have some connections with because my father was a dispatch rider in Naples during the war. It was interesting to retrace his steps.

The last time we went to the area was about fifteen years ago. It was interesting to have a second look.

We’d both enjoyed visiting Pompeii. My youngest son is an architect and I’m always interested in old buildings. I think he gets it from both of us.

In AD79 Vesuvius erupted and a pyroclastic cloud of superheated ash engulfed the city of Pompeii and instantly killed its 11,000 inhabitants and buried the place in ash.

While unfortunate for those poor people it was great for us because it preserved the place for us to see.

Of course a lot of it has been reconstructed from rubble and excavated out of the ash.

But you could still see the two and three story villas with their lavish decoration.

The bath Houses were particularly interesting. It is hot in Italy in the summer and one got the impression that they spent a lot of time cooling down in these darkened places with their intricate decorations.

The Villas were extravagant with their columns, gardens, pools and baths. This was a culture that kept slaves. These villas belonged to the elite and they were opulent.

The shops were fascinating with their marble counters and receptacles for keeping grain or food.

Beware of the dog

Inside the Villas the rooms were decorated with painted plaster.

The roads were rutted from chariot wheels

Then there was the coliseum which could seat thousands. The romans were into their spectacles.


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