Trolls – A poem

I wrote this for the sick people whose abusive minds cannot help but try to arrogantly belittle with their nastiness.

There’s no need to name them. They are who they know they are.

They put on their various disguises but are as transparent as the slime they spew.

We seem to have a swarm of them – or only one?

This ones for you.



Mealy mouthed abusers

Vindictively invading,

Maliciously maligning,

Arrogantly attacking

With their fecal aroma

Of personality decay.


Incapable of intelligent dialogue

Stunted in their world of abuse

They merely deride in mucilaginous

Streams of personal diatribe

Designed to inflict hurt and pain

But hopelessly falling short

In lamentable tirades of utter vomit

That are too extreme to be taken seriously.


In motley disguises,

Assumed names

And cowardly guises,

They carry out

Their reductive dialogue.


Trolls – those who seek to destroy.

Whose hurts, pain and fears

Have poisoned their own psyche

To the extent that they would

Drag others down into the dungeon

Of the sewers they swim in;

With their nightmares and visions.


And their motivation?

To gain perverse pleasure?

To bolster their parchment thin egos?

To vent their hatred?

To give substance to their own fears?

To give credence to their own obnoxious views

Laced with racism and terror.


Trolls – fear-ridden losers,

Damaged and sick,

Pathetic creatures

Whose pain spills out

In the hatred they dispense.

Incapable of presenting a case

Without belittling or demeaning

Without spewing their diseased conceit.


Such weak, sad creatures.

Best consigned to the spam

From whence they cannot crawl

To infect and defile,

Toxify and desecrate

With the crassness and venom

Of their poisonous disgusting minds.


Opher 24.5.2018

14 thoughts on “Trolls – A poem

      1. I’m OK, thanks. It’s a gut-wrenching obsession we all have with the Trump administration, watching the news and commentary and all the Breaking News all the goddam time. I imagine most of the German people were similarly horrified by Hitler in the 1930’s. We must fight this ugliness. Cheers!

      2. Yes I can fully understand that. He is a disgusting blot on civilisation. Never mind. It will pass. He surely can’t be re-elected can he? Nobody that crass, vulgar and divisive can last long.

  1. Crass? Vulgar? So far not one intern has had his dick in her mouth. So far he has not fucked one intern or starlet in the White House. And you are seemingly such a puritanical old women, that I guess that would be music to your little petal ears.
    Yet you support Racists such as Corbyn and his Jew-hating. You forgot about his online rants about Jews on a Palestinian blog? And white-hating ex-hooker fat slag Abbott, fucked black and blue by Corbyn and he ever the misogynist gives her a job in the shadow cabinet by way of belated apology for stopping fucking her and getting himself something else that looked at bit more tasteful. The hypocrisy speaks volumes. But that’s what attracts perverted individuals like yourself to beyond the worst excesses of the lowest of the low.

    His results so far are incredible and he will with us for many more years to come.

    1. Who knows what he’s been up to with his interns. We might not know for years. He’s a misogynistic philanderer who knobs prostitutes and porn stars isn’t he? Wow!! And Carter got done for nothing compared to what he’s been doing.
      I’m all for rants against some of the things Israel has been up to. Israel does not equate with Jews. Some of the government actions disgust me. That isn’t anti-Semitic. That’s speaking out against undue violence and disgusting actions.
      I’m totally against racism and anti-Semitic rants. I have no problem with criticising the actions of a nation.
      Your comments about Abbott are disgusting racist and misogynistic. You should be ashamed. You may not like her but what you say is just nasty.
      Let’s hope that Trump gets impeached and kicked out as soon as possible. It will make a huge difference to the environment, health and safety and the safety of the planet. The man is a menace.

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