Time for a rethink on Drug Legislation!!

It is the lousy stupid prohibition of drugs that has fuelled the cartels and created the drug problem. Prohibition simply does not work. Surely people realised that with alcohol? With prohibition more alcohol was consumed and it financed the gangsters of its time. The same thing is happening with drugs. Stupid laws, lies and propaganda have created the horrendous drug problem in the UK and States and financed the crime syndicates with all their violence and gangs.

The kids do not believe the authorities because they lied. We need to tell the truth and argue the case not use propaganda and force.

If you want to solve the gang problems, the violence of the drug cartels, the huge violence in cities, and reduce the drug problem with our kids you legalise drugs.

It seems to me that drugs are a health problem not a legal problem. They should be addressed through education and not criminalised.

6 thoughts on “Time for a rethink on Drug Legislation!!

  1. Well, I think you’re right about it being a health problem, not a legal problem. But it becomes a legal problem when people using act under the influence and take someone’s life. I don’t think the answer is that simple. Like gun control is not the simple answer to school shootings.

    1. That is the same with alcohol isn’t it Cheryl? Some intoxicated people do silly things, some do criminal things. The crimes should be punished and addictions dealt with on health grounds IMO. What we need is decriminalisation, good sound education and plenty of health care.

  2. For sure it should be addressed through education because we can’t just keep telling kids drugs are bad without actually teaching them why.

    1. The trouble is that there has been far too many lies told. It is hard to see the truth through the hysteria. We need good education and rehab. All drugs have risks but all humans use drugs for a variety of reasons.

  3. I can’t understand people’s blind idiocy on this issue. Of course drugs should be legal, and if people commit crimes under the influence then they should be punished for those crimes.

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