Losing faith in people!

I have lost faith in people.

I find the arguments put forward by the Tea Party as ignorant and stupid.

I find the attitude of putting profit before morality and the environment immoral.

I find the selfishness and greed sickening.

I find the way people are taken in by cheap patriotism, jingoism, and xenophobia very disturbing.

I find the way racism is deployed to create fear, hatred and division cynical.

I find the tribalism of partisan politics insane.

I find the defence of immoral acts such as torture, war and exploitation as disgusting.

I find the willingness to deny basic events such as the holocaust and environmental devastation very worrying.

I find the lack of concern for what is happening to our wildlife and rainforests really distressing.

I find the attitude of rejecting experts, scientists and research in favour of some gut feeling really silly.

I think Trump is the epitome of this ignorant attitude. He is a great danger to the world.

I think we are suffering from a lack of vision for how to create a better world.

I find the way people are blatantly manipulated bewildering.

Are we really that gullible?

26 thoughts on “Losing faith in people!

  1. Apparently. A least some of us are. Some of us don’t trust anyone in politics on one side or the other. We need to clean house. I expect it feels the same to you over on your side of the pond , eh? You covered that all pretty well, Opher…

  2. Just keep calling it as you see it, Opher. You know my feelings about all this. Totally agree with you. But at heart I am an optimist. On the flip side of all the horrible things happening is a lot of really good stuff. It just doesn’t get the air space it deserves.

    1. Raili – you are right. There is a lot of good stuff. But I can’t help thinking that it is being drowned out by the amount of nasty stuff going on.

      1. I’d agree with you if I hadn’t seen first-hand so much of the nasty stuff. Travelling the world one is constantly seeing the environmental damage, cruelty to animals, pollution, overcrowding and poverty. Then there’s the war, terrorism and hatred. It’s a bit more than a squeaky wheel.

  3. Yes, the people are that gullible. We have an election going on in Ontario right now. Polls said yesterday that the Conservatives under Doug ”the thug” Ford would win a majority if the election was held yesterday. The governing Librals are trailing far behind in 3rd place. Looks like Ontario voters want their very own Donald Trump. Partisan politics has outlived its usefulness. Good post, Opher.

      1. I believe they are. The 1% has convinced them that Katherine Wynn (Liberal Premier) has wrecked the province and only Doug the Thug can make things right again. Doug Ford is polite and seemingly respectful, so they don’t see he’s really a Trumper.

      2. No. We’re simply sick of the useless Islamic shit flooding into the country. Stop that nonsense and we can get back to normal and let the Librards loose again. Meanwhile, tough action is called for.

      3. Nell – I think we’re all fed up with religious fanatics. Islam is a particularly intolerant religion. But perhaps if we hadn’t stirred up the hornets nest by bombing so many Muslim countries we wouldn’t had created so many immigrants fleeing the devastation?

      4. I am sure that you can too, think of many other more suitable countries that these Muslims should travel to. Canada should not be their destination and obviously the vast majority of the country agrees with that.

    1. Nell – I think there has been unprecedented mass migration mainly due to wars we have created. They have to go somewhere. They get shared around. That seems fair to me. What’s the alternative?

      1. They can stick the share around where the sun don’t shine. They’re outta here and will be sent back to who cares where.
        Africa, Middle East, Persian Gulf, Pakistan, Malaysia. Anywhere that’s Islamic.
        The alternative is that they NEVER come to Canada.
        No point talking about it – the election speaks for itself. We’re done with them.
        They’re done – toast.

      2. Nell – if I may say that is rather a callous, uncaring attitude shown towards refugees living through terror and seeking to escape from hell.
        I greatly dislike Islam, and all other organised religions, but I still retain a caring humane approach towards anyone in need.
        I do think that Saudi Arabia and other rich Muslim countries could be doing a lot more though.
        We stirred it up with our bombing and wars. I think we do have some responsibility.

  4. Are there any real Americans here? Or just lefty Libtard cranks and millennial snowflakes?
    How can anybody be so confused about the Tea Party?
    What’s so ignorant and stupid about protecting sovereignty and home security?
    What’s too hard to understand?
    Whatever, these are the words of an entirely clueless and very stupid individual.

    Who the heck wrote that rubbish about Trump?
    Look at the guys results in just one year!
    Black unemployment is at an all-time low. In the history of the USA it has never been lower. Anyone have a problem with that?
    Hispanic unemployment is at the lowest levels for 20 years.
    Illegal employment has begun to be tackled and legitimate jobs are now going to Americans.
    Economic growth for the 1st year was 2.3%. Anyone have a problem with any of all that?
    He’s pulled out of anything to do with military intervention of foreign policy.
    He has made insurmountable ingress in the Middle-East and Persian Gulf. He has made it almost impossible for Iran to produce nuclear weapons. He has greatly reduced Twelver Shia Muslim terrorism towards the regions Sunni Muslims.
    As one of the sweethearts said above “it just doesn’t get the air space it deserves”.
    Too right it doesn’t.

    And you people all nod your heads in unison like battery operated toy dogs, as if these are some of the worst events ever? Seriously, get a grip of yourselves people and understand the results and what is actually happening.

    1. Well thank you Tyrone for putting us right.
      I see the Trump belligerence is alive and well. Being over here in the UK I just see the environmental damage, deregulation, tax cuts for the rich and corporations, stupid expensive pointless walls, support of guns, support of hunting animals, divisive rhetoric, vacillating policies, stupid crass tweets, sexist misogyny, corruption, narcissism, support for polluting industries, relaxation of health and safety, opposition to universal health care, driving down of wages, rudeness, misogyny, divisiveness, extreme lack of understanding about diplomacy and foreign policy, disrespect for most people, hissy fits, intolerance and mood changes, lack of self-control, emotional outbursts, unpredictability, support for right-wing fascist groups, devious business operations, corruption and behaviour unbefitting to the post of President.
      Pushing us towards a war with Iran and/or Korea might not be a good idea. Trade wars are also very poor ways forward. Nationalism and patriotism are the last resorts for scoundrels. Hypocrisy rules. I think he’s lining his nest and taking everyone for a ride. Jerusalem is in ferment because of stupid blundering. Troops are back in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s getting on so well with China.
      Poor wages on the gig economy doesn’t sound too great to me. Nothing to brag about. Neither is the gang wars, drugs and racial ghettos. Black lives do matter and the gun deaths are out of control. Putting millions out of health care isn’t too hot either.
      Yep he’s doing great.

      1. Oh no, another whiny ass apologist who just doesn’t understand how fucked over USA has been this last decade. And here at last we have a guy who doesn’t give a flying fuck what some simpleton liberals thinks and pisses all over them in a quest to fix this country. Sure the whiny asses will complain because they get no plaudits for doing the fixing.
        All they can do is untwist their twisted panties.

        You have NOT the slightest clue. Yeah, right on, YOU are over there. And you’ve not an iota of what’s going down here. You know nothing at all about tax cuts, so don’t bullshit me. I could test you in a nano second on that and you would fall to pieces.
        All you can confuse your self with are the media bullshit. You actually believe all that? There’s 1,999 so-called news organisations spewing out this invented by the second garbage and YOU bought into it. For Fuck’s Sake, man, get a fucking grip of these twisted panties of yours and fucking well Man Up.
        I see you said something about sexist misogyny. (mentioned twice just for good measure – are you LGBT?) I’m very sure that I read a piece in a paper about your very own Jeremy Corbyn, some shadow cabinet guy, who hired his ex-hooker black girlfriend to cover for racial diversity bullshit, but he use to be fucking this woman. That’s like misogyny, you can work for me now that I ain’t fucking you. That’s real low level treatment. Trump never stopped that low on a woman. Loads of his CoE’s in his businesses are women, so you talk loads of bullshit on that too.
        He has loads of women in his ranks at the White House also. So your take slips down the gutter ever faster.
        There is nothing stupid about building walls. Three million illegals crawl in every year. Now they won’t. How many jails do we need to build to cope with that gang trash from Puerto Rico? You’re fucking mad if you don’t understand why.
        What war with Iran? Are you completely retarded? WTF are they gonna fight with? They ain’t got nothin’! They will be NO war with Iran. How did you miss that piece of vital information.
        Korea? What about Korea. Are you for a split second in the least bit concerned over that fat, spoilt, mummy’s boy and his toy rockets with ZERO nuclear warheads on them? If Trump wanted, he could take NK off the map in 3.5 seconds. Has he?
        FFS, man, YOU really need to read JANE magazine, like instantly and educate yourself on whose got what weapons and what they do. Cos, man, you know nothing in this area. Nothing. You’re a psychotic charged panic merchant.
        That whole list of stuff that you entered the fray with, because you actually thought that was important and some kind of ammunition to your drippy-ass take on the matter isn’t worth reading.
        Let me tell you – we Americans who understand could not give a fuck what some whiny ass ever thinks. Whiny ass people are part of the problem and they do not contribute anything but whiny ass shit.
        And listen up, wages are UP. You get that bit? Repeat = UP. Go google.
        You have also not the slightest bit of accurate information on China. What a stupid foolish comment.
        Troops in Afghanistan? Eh, dummy, they are fucking RELIEF troops! You know, like the ones who take over from the other ones coming home! Or is that a new concept for you? You obviously are way out your fucking depth talking about US military anything. You stick to knitting or flower picking, dude. Fer chris sakes.
        And you fucking liberal patsies worry and piss yourselves over IS/ISAL /ISIS/Taliban, whatever they call them this week, yet have a problem about troops killing the bastards? There’s only one way to do it, kill them in their own backyard. Besides, most of the kills are conducted by air drones and the military are the last to enter a sanitized area after the kills.
        There will be more troops going out and that’s ONLY because of the success rates of the drone exterminations of there Islamic fuckers. Why don’t you understand this?
        But you as a flower picking wool knitter would never know about such details.
        What about Jerusalem? They’ve had it since 1948. Do we all just keep ignoring it and hope that Israel will say, ok Palestine, it’s your turn now, you have it. Get real with you. That’s the end of the matter. NOBODY complained but Palestine. And remember this it wasn’t given to Palestine. It was removed from these Arabs.

        Tell me this dude, how you get so clueless about so much stuff?
        And you write a blog? You kidding me?
        It’s a joke, right? Gotta be.

      2. Heavens what a rant! Doesn’t take much to see the effect Trump has had does it? You illustrate it perfectly.
        Simplistic solutions like walls and nukes, belligerent attitudes full of arrogance and abuse coupled with minimum understanding.
        Take out Korea in 3.5 seconds like you did with Korea in the war you lost back in the 50s? or the ones you lost in Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, and Afghanistan? I don’t think you’ve ever won one have you? Or was El Salvador a win? Iran is no threat is it? Except they’d kick your ass like the Afghan tribesmen have been doing. All bluster but no product.
        Walls costing billions to keep out Mexicans – most of whom come over on visas, walk through and simply don’t leave. Some solution.
        Thanks for the application of intelligence.
        BTW – Palestine wasn’t given to anyone. The British simply moved out and let them fight it out. The Jews won an unexpected victory. They displaced a lot of Arab people from their family homes. It’s been a cause of dispute ever since.

  5. That’s because you get your information from sources that only tell you what they think you should be told. You’re a real dumb ass if you think you are being given any privileged first-hand full of the truth details. You’re their patsy and my word they have done a good job over you. You’re now a 100% bacon trail. All I need now do is supply the sauce.
    The minimum understanding is with you – ref walls, because in case you didn’t notice the Democrats made a huge start to that and it’s simply going to be finished off sooner rather than later. You know nothing about the illegal workforce problems here.
    Less than nothing. You are completely retarded on this.
    They for sure are leaving now as when that visa expires they automatically get listed.
    And if you didn’t know, the penalties now imposed for employing illegals are severe so that’s the end of that little game of hide and seek. Get up to speed on the details, fer chris sakes.

    Korea was in the 1950’s. There’s been some developments in weapons since then.
    Yes, 3.5 seconds is all it takes to launch onto NK and it’s all over. Our nuke subs are always waiting right outside.

    I believe Britain suffered the very same in Korea.
    And Britain have lost a few themselves, such as USA, India, Malay, Singapore, South Africa, Rhodesia, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan.
    You have obviously no knowledge about Iran. The entire country is on tape and under constant surveillance and they can do nothing.

    I see that you suffer from complete ignorance in regards to Afghanistan tribes people. These are NOT Afghan tribesmen, you fool, but Islamists. Afghan tribes people have nothing to do with any aggressive fundamentalists and are in fact targets of barbarity. How the fuck could you get so fucking confused with this?
    In actual fact it is customary for Afghan tribes people to protect others from those that seek to do harm and they will put their lives on the line in doing so.
    So take your toy fucking brain out your ass and educate yourself before you say anything more as stupid as above. Seriously, man, when it comes down to important stuff you are a fucking disaster.
    A lot has changed since the last Gulf war. You are so out of touch that it’s hardly worth discussion with you, a snowflake wool-knitting flower-presser.

    BTW, where did I say Palestine was given to anyone? I said Jerusalem. Big fucking difference. Crank up your attention span.
    FY1, the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine did not include Jerusalem as it was designated with Bethlehem to be partitioned into what they called the Special International Regime. Israel wasn’t having any of it, and probably rightly so as these two cities had long been Jewish for thousands of years before any Muslims were invented.
    Foolishly the Arab states did not call for a unified Palestine, so they didn’t get one.
    Arabs as usual too concerned with what’s best for them as individual countries (Jordan refused to take part) than the greater good.
    “The Jews” – OK, we got where you stand alright, “won an unexpected victory”. Seriously, how unexpected was that victory considering Israel had been arming up itself. You are totally clue-stupid regards anything military!
    They displaced a lot of Arab people who had thirty years to think about it ever since the 1917 Balfour Declaration, but didn’t. That’s what happens when you bury your head in the sand.

    Man, you seem like some character out of Dickens. What was your last illness, the Black Plague?

    1. Man – I’ve read some shit but coming from a semi-educated Trump supporter this exceeds an attack of dysentery.
      Unlike you – who have lost every fucking time – we Brits lost a few but won most! Look at a map of the world when our Empire was at its height and see how pink it was. We ruled it from one end to the other. For all your shit-mouthed posturing and rudeness how much has the USA ever controlled?
      BTW – we never lost wars with the colonies we gave back! You can shorten your list to two or three.
      BTW2 – Taliban are Pashtun tribesmen.
      BTW3 – if you’ve got Iran nailed down so tight why are they funding and fighting in so many areas in the ME?
      Ever heard of cloud cuckoo land? Pick a fight with Iran and you’ll be kicked out of there too!

      1. Semi-educated? That from you, a school teacher on your shitty state pay? I mastered from Boston University in political science and am CEO of an engineering firm employing 974 people in our Boston factory and some 1,300 in Philadelphia. I’ll fucking semi-educate you fucking retarded half-wit half-monkey. You seedy little man with your pansy prose and your half-baked take on everything and anything.

        Hey, flakey balls, we’re talking about TODAY, not 1700’s. You have NO Empire left.
        OK, Barbados and St Kites and Vincent, some far off islands and the really useful Falklands. Does that 4th world African Commonwealth stuff count? Or is that just for Royalty to wave at while covering their nose from the stink? You tell me, I’m oblivious on that.
        Did you never get to understand what was actually going down in Asia back in the 1960-70’s? Don’t you know what live ammunition experiments are? Did you think that just 60,000 troops deaths over 14 years was a lot? I see that good old Blighty went on to buy a great number of these weapons as tried and tested in Nam and Cambodia.
        Such a strange coincidence.
        I can name some battles from WW1, where Britain lost as many troops in a days fighting than US did all these 14 years. So don’t get so fucking gung-ho on it.
        All these wars I listed involving Britain (except USA) are all from last century. To say you won most is plain stupidity. You lost your fucking Empire in six short years. You have the knowledge capacity on your nation’s history of war similar to that of a chicken. I’m laughing at you, dummy.

        Your’e also a wholesale fucking hypocrite because I read a post of yours where you were more or less apologizing for past war crimes on behalf of your beloved fallen empire. You’re a double fucking standard merchant when it suits. I can read you like a used tampon.

        BTW: Colonies you “gave back”? Yeah, right. You gave up on India. The Malays crushed the death out of you. You gave up on Indonesia and gave it to the Dutch. So you lost ALL of south east Asia almost overnight. You also lost Aden in 1967. Etc, etc.

        BTW2: This is where your education leaves you in a hurry.
        The Pashtun are from Pakistan’s tribal areas. They are NOT Afghani!
        Please allow me to give you a short and concise education on this topic. As semi-educated as I am, of course.

        The only time that the Pakistani state has truly engaged the tribal areas or its Pashtun inhabitants were when FATA residents were needed to fight Pakistan’s wars — be that the 1948 fighting in Kashmir, the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan, the strengthening and backing of the hardliner Taliban militia in the early 1990s, or providing a support base for the Taliban jihad in Afghanistan.
        Decades of state neglect have inflicted immense damages on the lives of the tribal people. However, their worst suffering began following the overthrow of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States.
        Since then, the people of FATA, which is composed of seven tribal districts spreading alongside Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan like a crescent, have been the worst-affected populace in Pakistan and the region.
        Sandwiched between the Taliban and their al-Qaeda guests and the Pakistani security agencies, the tribal peoples’ houses were razed and businesses destroyed in the name of anti-Taliban operations; their mosques and hujras (Pashtun guest houses) were bombed by the Taliban and al-Qaeda; their elders were brutally targeted with bombs and beheadings. People were uprooted from their villages and towns and forced to live in tents in chilly cold and scorching heat for years.
        Despite suffering such a heavy price for events beyond their control, the tribal people are still not comfortable in their homes and towns, even though the Taliban have been pushed back across the border in Afghanistan by the Pakistani security forces. It is against this backdrop that they finally decided to raise a forceful voice and demand an end to their plight.

        You have confused one set of tribes people over another and you have fuck all idea as to who is who. You really are a bloody idiot. Your zero knowledge is disgraceful.

        BTW3: Who gives a fuck how many other Muslims Iran chooses to kill. Is that a problem for the world? Just as long as they never step out from their own Islamic territory then nobody gives a flying fuck. And that includes all the principle member states of the EU, including of course your very own ex-Empire owner, Blighty.
        And you haven’t even considered where Saudi Arabia stand, have you. Iran’s life supply could be switched off in the flick of a switch. No flights, no ships, no supplies would send iT tumbling back to the seventh century, if it isn’t halfway there already.

        You don’t understand anything, do you?

      2. Tyrone – when you talk like a brainless yob you get treated like a brainless yob.
        A retired Headteacher thanks – and the pay wasn’t bad.

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