Blowing in the Wind …

This about summarises the terrible state that America has descended into. There is madness at work and it is so corrosive that much will be irreversible. You can’t bring animals back from extinction.

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We have descended into lunacy, my friends.  Can we claw our way back out?  I’m beginning to have doubts – serious doubts.  My fear is that there is a master plan … that by November, we will all be declared incompetent to vote in the mid-term elections, for we will be sitting on the sidewalk in our underwear babbling incoherently while dribble runs off our chins.  Welcome to 2018 – the not-so-brave-new-world of the D.S.A. – the Divided States of America.

To prove my point, I offer a number of exhibits:

Exhibit A:  The chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives is asked to tender his resignation because his prayer included something about equality and justice for all. (Really subversive stuff, eh Padre?)  He tenders the resignation, then re-thinks it and rescinds the resignation.  And then, a week or so later, a shouting match erupts on the floor of…

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5 thoughts on “Blowing in the Wind …

    1. She is so good isn’t she!!
      I’ve been in the Lake District climbing hills and visiting friend. Then looking after grandchildren and writing a new book!!

      But I’m back – trying to answer all the emails and catch up and rewrite my new book!! Not enough time!!

  1. It would definitely be of some assistance to some readers were they somewhat more switched on and up to speed on the accumulated spread of nonsense contained with Exhibits A to J. I get to read this kind of thing all the time and they inevitably are full of inaccuracy and blatant lies.

    Exhibit A: This has nothing to do with the President. Must’ve been a slow day at HoR.

    Exhibit B: Yet the nation wept in solemn emotional sincerity when the philandering Kennedy died. Also Trump wouldn’t be the first Pres to have a load of slander flung at him. Easy done yet hard to forget. So he likes the company of women. Get over it.

    Exhibit C: There’s actually 196 countries – the US does not recognise Taiwan – which has nothing to do with Trump. The rest of the statement made here is completely false on many levels.

    Exhibit D: What’s new? People’s personal beliefs and attributes aren’t being voted for.
    IT should be mentioned that both Clinton and Hillary Clinton were also convicted felons, dating back to 1994, when they were both barred from practicing law in the state of Arkansas. Being royalty of course made sure that minor detail was never going to be an issue.

    Exhibit E: This portion is woefully inaccurate. The CPI has in fact only risen by 12.6%, and not the stated 37%. These people who make up this crap must think most other people are stupid. How wrong could they get. The largest by far contributory factor towards these increases are Energy Costs! The very subject that the majority of Trump objectors don’t understand.

    The 15% total regarding healthcare is accurate, actually 15.5%. However, each and every state is responsible for implementation and the south and west have higher uninsured rates than the north and east. There were 18 states that did not expand Medicare so had a higher uninsured rate than those that did. Under Trump’s tenure another 4 million people have fallen into the uninsured sector. This isn’t actually anything to do with Trump, but a political debate in the making. Rising insurance costs – reflected in CPI figures of course – have contributed to a most convenient trend factor where fewer employers are offering health insurance and with many requiring higher employee contributions. Most uninsured are unemployed or working poor with no benefits.

    Exhibit F: Well she obviously just made that all up. It isn’t worth reading.

    Exhibit G: The NRA has always been a primary institution and ingrained into America’s beating heart. So what’s new. Actually, several industrial scale gun seller’s have recently discontinued the sale of automatic rifles, so there has been an improvement in the gun lobby issue even though it took yet another recent school massacre to get that across.

    Exhibit H: Here we go again with the same level of bad information we have on this subject here in UK. For once and for all would people understand there’s decades of time distance to pay these debts off. Nobody doesn’t get to eat because of them as they’re drip fed pay backs.

    Exhibit I: Trump has to back peddle and bring the military back up to scratch because stupid Obama spent trillions of dollars on a now defunct nuclear arms policy. Has anyone closely inspected the state of the airforce fleet it wouldn’t be a surprise that investment was needed.

    Exhibit J: That’s such a silly load of nonsense isn’t it. How childish to even bother to write than down. Considering Trump’s intent that Iran never develops nuclear weapons and no one could have failed to hear of the recent ingress regards North Korea.

    However, there are certainly some highly questionable issues going down and it’s just a pity that the originator didn’t take enough care with the nuts and bolts rather than shooting from the hip.

    1. Why doesn’t it surprise me Andrew that you would support such a man and weasel round the issues?
      You know that liking women and abusing them are two different things?

      Personally I would have made a different set of issues concerning this disaster of a human being and the environmental issues would have topped it but I’m happy with what Jenny has put together.

      1. Who the heck is Andrew? Can’t you read? It’s not difficult, just five digits!

        Weasel about the issues? I included concise corrections on the original’s inconsistencies – those that which you had failed to recognise, yet whole heartedly agreed with. Which I thought was a bit strange because usually for someone to agree with something they tend to have some level of informative understanding.
        Seems to me that this woman could throw any figures at you are you’d be willing to catch them with your teeth. I’m afraid that I can’t do that.

        Why doesn’t it surprise me Opher, that once again you fail to grasp the big picture and blame one person who really hasn’t been personally involved for nearly long enough and every possible negative issue appertaining to US politics falls into his lap by miraculous consent of the timid and frightened closeted lefties who’d be scared by Casper the Ghost.
        You have and nobody else has a morsel of proof about any of these alleged abuses. It’s got nothing to do with tour perception of my alleged support of said individual but the fact of the matter that we cannot be going around slandering without absolute proof positive. You heard some allegations and took it upon yourself to tag onto the blaming gravy train like a fucking lemming over a cliff without an once of anything to support. Christ, you are a dollar short. What is it that encourages you as a presumably consenting adult man of some senior years to be so knotted up in his panties over sexual relationships with women. Just because the term time of relationship was short or there was alleged lack of harmonious relations at relationship end does not give you or anybody the right to to cast negative or any opinion. It’s not your deal and it’s not your life. People have the freedom to make choices and presently as far as I am aware there are no restrictions to how many affairs any man or woman can have. This puritanical Catholic indoctrinated bullshit makes me wanna spew.
        How many cases have there been in recent years regarding nut job women seeking heavy duty financial payouts from celebrity or wealthy men? Too many, and you should damn well know better because I know for a fact that you are a Roy Harper fan, so therefore, why is it that you had no trouble believing him regards all the shit coming his way yet won’t give Trump an once of the same? Couldn’t you see any red flags here?
        It’s you that’s the hypocrite. I personally couldn’t give a fuck about Trump or any of these people, but I do care about inconsistent injustice and this new-age mentality where the concept of allegation is freely granted by consensus of the mass majority of baying idiots and it’s really getting out of control.

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