3 thoughts on “Phil Ochs Where Are You When We Most Need You – The Huffington Post.

  1. Oh. gimme John Prine first any day.

    Is that pic of a New Jersey recycling yard supposed to be making some kind of statement?
    Get these jerks that propagate this kind of crap outta here!

    1. Well I quite like John Prine but in my opinion he doesn’t hold a candle to the great Phil Ochs.
      I think the picture is supposed to represent the mess we are making of the planet and did it very well. We are making a mess of the planet. It needs addressing.
      Who are the present day singers who are writing about the huge problems the politicians and establishment are causing?

      1. Shame they couldn’t come up with anything of a photo truly representing this mess.
        We just have to take their word for it.
        Meanwhile the largest industry ever known to mankind springs forth from thousands of financially driven tenets and will manipulate and concoct as many reports as those that are paying them request of them. Anything for a political sucker punch. Let’s knock `em out with ecological horror and doomster terror stories first, collect as much money as we can from this and then think about how to tackle any residual problems.
        Way to go. Glad you’re happy with your deal.

        You need to ask? Are suggesting that there aren’t any?
        No wonders you’re still back in `75.
        For starters:
        Ezra Furman
        Rhiannon Giddens
        Kevin Morby
        Jenny Hval
        Bright Eyes
        Run The Jewels
        Hurray For The Riff Raff
        Father John Misty
        Jason Isbell

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