My Latest Book – Bodies In a Window – The Liner Notes.

This novel is made up of the tales of many different lives.

Life is short. We all make our own paths through its vagaries. No two lives are the same. This is a window into different interlocking worlds. These lives have their loves, tragedies, importance, mundanities and attitudes. We only glimpse the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is their lives and through those fragments the picture it reveals.

In one sense this is a novel about death and chance. But it is really about life and how we try to make sense of it; to make sense of missed opportunities, frustrations and obsessions. It is about a series of very different lives and perspectives glimpsed through a window at a particularly poignant time; the tapestry of different lives that, for one moment, interconnect and yet remain completely separate.

The Liner Notes:

Looking out through that window, standing beside death, peering at the world outside, it struck me that we were all stranded within the parameters of our own narrow lives – the fashions and attitudes of our youth and old age. We were victims of our times and ourselves. There was no such thing as individuality and freedom. It was an illusion. All life ran its course and ended in scenes like this. We were all trapped within the limitations of our days.

Outside that window was another world. There were all manner of things happening. It was a panoply of everything you could imagine – rich and eventful. Life went on. It was only in here that it had stopped.

In here everything had changed. All values and endeavours had been rendered meaningless.

I hope you enjoy it.

It is now available in paperback from Amazon. The digital version will be available a few days time.

Please be aware that there are adult themes and sexual content.

In the UK:

In the USA:

Elsewhere in the world please contact your local Amazon store.

Thank you for considering my book!

4 thoughts on “My Latest Book – Bodies In a Window – The Liner Notes.

  1. Hey Dude, Namaste 🙂

    Well now this looks to be a very interesting premise for a story: the idea of interlocking and interconnected lives through snippets and revelation presents allsorts of wonderful storyline opportunities. I imagine you’ve created some quite remarkable characters and many humanistic moments in which they might find themselves at work or play. The idea of life slipping away whilst we invest so much of ourselves in trying to understand what it is to be human is a facet of our never-ending nature to be dreamers.

    Congratulations on publishing good friend. I hope it will be a success sufficient to inspire the next book 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


    1. Thank you Dewin. I have enjoyed working on this novel this year. There are many elements that are personally very important to me. This has been gestating for a long time. When I gave birth to the creation it came out in a rapid splurge. I then spent the year rewriting and honing. What I have ended up with hopefully does justice to an extremely emotional period of my life – my father’s death. That is the backdrop for a range of stories of life in its many guises. All writing is an exploration of the human condition. We are explorers attempting to chart the unknown and understand it.
      Thank you for your encouragement. It feeds my passion. I have started to write a new Sci fi book. I am now twenty pages in and it is flowing nicely.
      Writing is pure pleasure. Creation is the most fulfilling experience possible.
      Power to you and your fabulous writing!
      Truck on!!

  2. My pleasure Opher 🙂 It sounds as if you made a discovery or two after all that intense exploration and absorption of life. Completion of the novel must have been cathartic on numerous levels. I am very sorry to hear about the death of your father, I can only imagine what it must feel like to lose a parent.

    WordPress is an awesome environment through which to receive encouragement, guidance, support and on occasion a little direction as well: the sense of community is very real and purposeful. I hope you feel similarly.

    Should the sci-fi book reach completion, I know it will be another blockbuster for you to add to this one! Awesome! 🙂

    Creative writing is a pleasure and completion of a piece of good writing is incredibly fulfilling and very quickly inspire one to move on to the next ‘magnum opus’ 🙂

    Power to you and power to the pen! Truck on! 🙂

    Love and be Loved dude. Namaste 🙂


    P.S: After a day or two deliberating the front cover of your new book, and now hearing a personal reflection on the content, I think the cover is perfect. I love the silver lettering set against the black. I sat trying to imagine what several of these books would look like side-by-side on the bookshelf and the words I came up with was ‘sharp and slick’. I like it.

    1. Dewin – the death of a parent is a devastating experience. My father’s death occurred way back in 1981. It has taken me all this time to address it. The book is based on my observations at the time. Although the centrepiece of the book is that of the death and my attempt to come to terms with it the bulk of the book is about life and the people around who were oblivious to the event.
      Wordpress has been rather mixed for me. I have made good friends and, probably because of my acerbic outspokenness and unwillingness to compromise, attracted a number of unpleasant trolls.
      Work proceeds on the Sci-fi book which is now in excess of forty pages and proceeding well. Though the concept of a blockbuster has to be put in context to reality. I write my books and put them out there. I then leave them to sink or swim. I should put some energy into promotion but I’m always too busy doing the next one. Aaah well. One day.
      Thank you for your feedback on the presentation. It is much appreciated.
      More power to you Dewin!
      Truck on!

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