#AtoZChallenge — Please Please Me

They certainly changed my life!! Great stuff Cheryl.

Impromptu Promptlings

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Well hello! I knew these guys would show up at some point! Of course I fell in love with them like everyone else, and was GLUED to the Ed Sullivan Show for their two big guest appearances. So was MY DAD! Though he told me he would “withhold his opinion until he heard whether they could actually sing or not!” 😀  I got my very first record player that year. One of those little suitcase jobs. I was 12. And my first  Beatles single was “Please Please Me” with “Ask Me Why” on the B side. One of my fondest memories from that year was going to Combe’s Restaurant and playing “From Me To You” on their jukebox. I could never find the single when it was popular. It had

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2 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge — Please Please Me

  1. Good to see you. Was wondering where you’d been. Traveling? Music is Magic for Opher! 😉 These posts aren’t great like your musical ones, but I’ve learned a lot!

    1. Of course they are great! Yes – we’ve been to Italy for a week. I’ll put up some piccies when I get time.
      I planned out a novel though so I’m going to be busy!
      Liked your post!

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