Clean Meat!! The Future without Animals.

Imagine that we can all have our steaks, hamburgers and chops without having to kill any animals?

That is quite possible.

In the future we will grow our meat in factories in the animal equivalent of hydroponics. We will take some animals muscle cells and culture them so that they grow into steaks.

The problem at the moment is that we can’t get the flavour or texture right. But we will.

Think of the benefits once we’ve cracked how to do it:

It will be cheap.

There will be no disease or parasites to catch.

It will not take up so much room as a farm or ranch.

It won’t be so polluting. No farting cows or transporting animals from farm to abattoir to butchers to warehouse to shops.

But best of all it will not involve any cruelty or pain. There won’t be terrified animals being trucked long distances to be electrocuted, have their throats cut or shot with a stun gun.

So I’m all in favour of it. The sooner they solve how to get it right the better.

We will be able to eat meat guilt free. There will be lots of redundant land that we can return to nature and encourage nearly extinct species to recover their numbers. We will have lots of cheap tasty protein that can feed our malnourished.

So roll on the era of clean meat!! I can’t wait!!

17 thoughts on “Clean Meat!! The Future without Animals.

    1. Yes, we could, can, and will… The latest Vegan burger is so like meat, that taste testers can’t tell the difference. It even oozes like blood from meat…(beet juice is used).

  1. I am a Vegan (whole food plant based, gluten free) and loving it. My health is improved and I am not hurting any animals or the environment. What’s wrong with that?

    1. I don’t eat meat replacements though. I stick with the pure beans, legumes, nuts and other protein sources like the trace amounts in veggies and grains. I get my bit B12 from a supplement (most meat no longer has enough since factory farming began), and take vit D. That’s it for supplements. I take no meds.

      I just had a great health check up, including good B12, excellent cholesterol levels, good calcium and protein levels. You can’t argue with the truth!

      1. No – veganism (properly done) is extremely healthy. It is catching on but I still do not think it will be the preferred option for most people.

    2. Absolutely nothing. I wish everybody was Vegan. But most people aren’t and show no signs of wanting to be. Presently billions of animals are being farmed and slaughtered for meat. This takes up huge amounts of land and resources and involves a lot of cruelty. If we could produce meat without requiring such a land investment or cruelty I think that would be a big step forward.

    1. Colette – no unfortunately I’m not. But it is something I seriously consider. I hate the cruelty done to animals and I hate the way the planet is being trashed to farm animals.

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