Boko Haram and Female Education

Boko Haram, like ISIS, the Taliban and other fundamentalist Islamic groups, are patriarchal in attitude and wish to take society back to the Middle Ages.

The see women as second class citizens. They impose severe restrictions on them. They want to hold them back. They do not want women educated. Which is why they are blowing up schools and kidnapping girls.

If they get their way women will be clothed in heavy gowns, locked behind face-masks, severely restricted in what they can do, confined and mute. They will have few rights, few freedoms and no say.

This is entirely contrary to my views on equality.

This pernicious, archaic attitude needs eradicating.

Women need equality, a voice, freedom and rights. That is worth fighting for.

The returned schoolgirls were used as a pawn in Boko Haram’s unpleasant game. They were a warning – continue to educate women and we will take action. It is a cowardly threat.

The world desperately needs the brains and abilities of women. Population is out of control. We need women to be educated and involved.

That is one very good reason why fundamentalist Islam needs destroying.

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