The Desolate Beauty of the Orkneys

There are no trees on the island. We were there in mid-summer and there were times when the wind and rain scoured your face. But we were lucky. The sun shone. We could imagine winter though with storms raging through.

It made you wonder why the Neolithic humans had set this up as a major centre. It must have had great spiritual significance.

The desolate beauty of the place was immediate. It was special. The light had a magical quality. The land was flat and the colours delicate.

4 thoughts on “The Desolate Beauty of the Orkneys

  1. I heard that Orkney’s lack of trees is similar to the lack of birds singing at Auschwitz.
    The Orkney’s never recovered from when Cromwell chopped them all down and wrecked the place. They called it the Highland clearances.

  2. LOL – I can imagine Cromwell out there with an axe giving a different connotation to the Highland clearances. But no the lack of trees is mainly due to the climate. It did used to be forest but that was long ago.

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