Thumbs Up — March For Our Lives!

This is an amazing report by Filospha of an amazing event. America’s youth has come alive! They have brought their passion and idealism to bear. The sixties spirit of rebellion is alive and well. Hopefully this is the start and the old guard, complacent politicians better sit up and take notice. The kids want action!!

Filosofa's Word

On Saturday over 800 March For Our Lives events, organized by young people, took place around the globe, from New York to Dallas to Seattle, but also in London, Tokyo, Sydney and Mumbai!  This was not some minor protest that will be forgotten by next week.  Nope, folks, this was a BIG DEAL.  These young people had a message and they sent it loud and clear:  It’s time to stop the gun madness in the U.S. – NOW!!!  I support them 100%, and I am so very proud of anyone and everyone who marched, helped organize or contributed in any way to these events.

Think how amazing this is.  The students who survived the February 14th tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, organized the rally in Washington, D.C. and from there, others picked up the baton and ran with it.  This map shows where…

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2 thoughts on “Thumbs Up — March For Our Lives!

  1. Watching this on the news last night stirred me to tears. The youth are standing up and letting their feelings be known. This massive demonstration boosts the momentum for change – the powers that be will find it very hard to ignore it. If they do, their silence will only fuel it.

  2. I thought the size of the response was amazing. These things start to take on a life of themselves. I’m sure those kids will be full of energy. Someone sure had best take note.

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