Why Education needs properly funding!

Money is required if you want excellence. You can’t have that on the cheap. All our kids deserve excellence.

I was Headteacher of a highly successful secondary school in the North of England. I have a pretty good idea of how to set up a good school and it does require properly financing.

Ideally class sizes should be between fifteen and twenty. Once you get above thirty standards drop. A class of fifteen to twenty is ideal. That provides sufficient numbers to promote good teamwork and discussions. Once you get below fifteen you are restricting the dynamic of the group.

I would say that teachers require to be multi-skilled and have charisma, knowledge, empathy and be versatile. That requires special people with the correct qualities and special training.

I have seen many people come into teaching or come in to talk to a class who fall flat on their face. It is not an easy job.

For that reason you need to pay good money to attract highly educated and skilled individuals with the right qualities. Education succeeds or falls on that alone. There are far too many ordinary, uninspiring teachers. Our children deserve better.
Ordinary or average teachers need kicking out. They are in the wrong job. Kids should not be sold short.

Then you need quality support staff who will work with students to help them surmount their obstacles, access the lessons and achieve their potential.

You need a curriculum that is broad and syllabi that focus on discussion, teamwork, experimentation, investigation, exploration and discovery. That is a more expensive approach.

You need a child centred approach that develops skills, abilities and provides motivation and self-esteem.

Then you need good diagnostic testing to identify where support is needed.

You need a reward system that encourages effort.

You need good positive developmental inspections and teacher support to enable the development of skills and practice. That leads to training.

You need a quality senior team to maintain a good clear line of progress and keep things moving forward.

You need a great ethos that the students buy into.

You need a constant training programme and innovation or things get stale.

Having got your quality staff you need quality buildings and equipment.

Education is the future of the country. It provides the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm that the country and industry needs. Poor teaching produces deadwood.

My school was successful so it attracted in quality staff. Those staff were instrumental in achieving a dynamic environment, great ethos and brilliant results. It propelled us to become one of the best schools in Britain. These things do not come cheap. The present cuts to teachers’ pay and school budgets is jeopardising education. The narrowing of the curriculum and move to knowledge based subjects is a detrimental move. It is undermining good practice.

If you want good education you have to pay for it. If you want excellent teachers you have to pay them as professionals.

Doing things on the cheap does not work.

Education should be inspiring.

Public Services need proper funding!! End the cuts!!

4 thoughts on “Why Education needs properly funding!

  1. Excellent, Opher. An excellent system of education is the only thing that will save our democracies and make them thrive. I often think that socialism is the way to go because it is focused on the common good. Unfortunately, those who implemented Karl Marx’s vision turned their countries into authoritarian dictatorships that cultivated fear to stay in power. Social democracy is the way to go and we clean up our electoral process by regulating campaign spending and fundraising. We need to outlaw those awful political ads that smear other parties and candidates – outlaw all media ads. Have government-sponsored TV debates – or public debates at local levels. If we can reduce the cost drastically, we may get people to offer themselves as candidates who actually wish to serve the people instead of the corporations and lobbies that pay for their multi-million dollar campaigns. Okay, that’s my rant!

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