Migration and Immigration – the problems and solutions.

One thing is quite clear – we have had too much immigration too quickly. It has caused major problems for the country, led to resentment of the indigenous population and fed into the whole Brexit vote.

Due to economic, social and conflict issues the world has suffered from unprecedented mass migrations.

What is causing this?

  1. A number of the Third World Countries, particularly in Africa, Indonesia and the Middle East, are experiencing huge population increases. This has resulted in large numbers of young people who are unemployed and have no future.
  2. A number of countries – Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, Myanmar – are beset with war and have displaced populations.
  3. There is tribal and religious persecution and radicalisation.

Desperate people look for places to flee that have promise of security and prospects for themselves and their family. The West and America look promising. These poor people will do anything to get here. They are prepared to take massive risks.

In Britain we have had unprecedented immigration due to:

  1. Refugees fleeing war from the Middle East
  2. Economic refugees looking for work and a future, largely from the Middle East and Africa
  3. Migrant workers from Eastern Europe who now have access to Western Europe due to freedom of travel in the EU.

This has caused some huge problems for us:

  1. Housing millions of new immigrants and their families
  2. The infrastructure to accommodate more people – roads, shops, facilities
  3. School places
  4. Health provision
  5. Various benefits – unemployment/housing/maintenance
  6. Fear of terrorism, criminals and radicalisation
  7. Fear that our culture will be swamped by mass immigration – particularly Islam
  8. A rise in fertility rates

Many people resent that these people have not contributed to our system but still have access to our systems and institutions.

But immigration is not just a mass of problems.

The benefits brought by these immigrants:

  1. We are an ageing population and do not have the workforce to cover many of the positions we need to fill.
  2. We require unskilled work in many industries – The NHS, social care, agriculture, nursing homes, factories, restaurants, hotels, cleaning staff
  3. We require skilled staff to fill our skill gaps – Doctors, consultants, surgeons, nurses, teachers, psychologists, counsellors, businesses, engineering, pharmaceutical,
  4. They contribute through their taxes
  5. They stimulate the economy

The Demonization of Immigrants

The media have played up the detrimental effects and created hysteria. Every time there is a violent incident or crime committed by an immigrant it is highlighted. Terrorism is blown out of proportion. Muslims, due to their costume and mosques, are seen as high-profile and the threat to British life is blown out of proportion. People are told that there are NO GO areas and enclaves of racist, violent immigrants who attack, rape and threaten. There is a perception that these people do not wish to speak the language, learn the customs or integrate; they wish to take over. People are made to view Islam as intolerant and sharia law as un-British. We are told that our values of tolerance, freedom and justice are being undermined. There is a feeling that British people are being displaced.

The Truth

There are undoubtedly a minority of immigrants who are radical fundamentalists. There are some who want a free ride. There are some who are criminal and violent. There are some who are intolerant and want to impose their ways on us. There always are people like that in any community.

It is also true that recent wars against Muslim countries have created radicalisation.

There are places in Britain where large numbers of ethnic minorities have grouped together transforming the normal culture of that area – such as Bradford, with its large Asian population and Boston with its large Eastern European population (agricultural workers).

But my contention is that the majority of immigrants are hard-working, looking to get on and willing to integrate.

The Solutions

I hear many people up in arms, shouting and raving. I hear racism, xenophobia, fear and hatred. But what is it that these ravers actually want? Do they want all these minority to groups to be kicked out? Do they want to frighten them away?

Well that has never worked has it? When immigrants feel threatened they tend to gather together in tight-knit groups and defend themselves. They don’t go away. Right from the fifties with its openly racist policies, through the Paki-bashing of the 60s, 70s and 80s and the black baiting of the eighties. All that was achieved was hostility and segregation.

In the time since the Brixton riots much has been achieved in Britain in creating a fairer pluralistic, multicultural society. Racism has declined. Brexit has created a blip, but I look forward to that positive trend going forward.

What we need to do is:

  1. To control our immigration (ideally I would like to see that happen with Europe who is suffering the same problems of mass immigration)
  2. To start to solve the problems leading to mass migration at source – end the wars, repatriate the people, reduce the population increases, provide better economic futures, counter religious fundamentalism, eradicate terrorism, counter the climate change that is creating food shortages, educate the populations, reduce the gross inequalities that are fuelling discontent.
  3. To sign up to the EU directives that enable us to send the unemployed back to their own countries.
  4. To enforce the law of the land without regard to race, culture or religion. Lock up criminals and police places of possible radicalisation. Fear of being accused of being racist should not be a barrier against taking action as it was with the many cases of Asians grooming young girls.
  5. To do away with all systems that cause segregation (such as religious schools) and promote integration.
  6. To prevent racism, prejudice or any barriers against minority groups that stops them from gaining a position and having a vested interest in society.
  7. To root out terrorism, fundamentalism and un-British activity.
  8. To deport or lock up the purveyors of hate.
  9. To come down hard on all hate crime so that minority groups do not feel threatened and can integrate better.
  10. To promote multiculturalism so that all minorities feel valued.
  11. To promote the British values of tolerance, freedom, justice and democracy as an overarching umbrella.


We need immigration. Without immigrants many of our institutions simply cannot function. We need the doctors, nurses, care-home workers and agricultural workers because we simply do not have the people to do the jobs. We need both skilled and unskilled workers. They are good for the economy and good for our society.

What hasn’t been good is too much immigration too quickly!!

Has the knee-jerk of Brexit ended up throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

23 thoughts on “Migration and Immigration – the problems and solutions.

  1. Thank you for your logical and balanced insights. It seems Britain is undergoing very similar popular attitudes toward immigration as is here in the U.S., especially regarding the media perpetuation of such xenophobic hysteria.

    1. Tylor, you are not particularly accurate with that assumption – in real terms we don’t have any xenophobic hysteria. Our media is nothing of the kind as luney tunes as yours. We do have the occasional report within a tabloid newspaper, but that’s about it.
      We do have areas that are controlled by Islamic militants, particularly streets near Mosques, where a non-Muslim maybe not entirely safe to walk freely and they may very well find themselves being instructed to immediately leave the area.
      We also have residential areas now swamped with Islamics where gangs of male youths on patrol will not take too kindly to any other in-coming youths. This is what are termed as No-Go areas – which do in fact exist contrary to other opinion and where there have been many noted cases of Police reticence to enter these areas for fear of their own safety.
      Suffice to say that the writer/originator of this post very obviously does not live in the type of inner-city area that I live and his personal experience is not conducive to attaining a particularly accurate precis of the actual situation.

      1. What’s with you – I keep seeing this comment from you like a broken record.
        Only two weeks ago you were extremely rude to a lady and who no longer makes an appearance due to your rudeness and it would seem that it’s now my turn.
        My turn simply because I do not wholly agree with you. Is this how you operate?
        All lovey-dovey to anybody who doesn’t say much except agrees and downright bloody rude to anyone else? Whoa…
        Well you know what, matey. In the most clear and concise terms please be aware that you talk the most total shite. You are witless as to current circumstances in many areas in this country.
        You also make the age old mistake of instantly assuming racism issues or anything related to the Labour/Lefties favourite finger-pointer expressionism “Islamophobic” etc. The height of nonsense.
        Please understand that we have very serious gang culture running many housing estates, where were you, an elderly white man, to enter at the wrong time would be relieved of all your personal property. Other groups might give you a good bruising.
        I never, and I mean NEVER, go east in my city.
        I notice from your Amazon books that you describe yourself as retired and resident on Costa Del Humber, so my guess is somewhere near Hull. Hull? That’s a titchy tiny little semi-city, a pretend city compared to where I live. You might not even live in Hull, but in one of these nondescript villages of nothingness that surround it.
        In which case, I very much doubt if you have any fingers on any pulse these days, other than the one that double-checks your own.
        Take yourself down to Luton central on a Friday afternoon and ask them if they’re pleased to see you.

      2. Well you see – if people are rude and abusive they get it straight back. I don’t like personal abuse on my blog or snide remarks. I prefer an intelligent debate. I don’t mind people arguing. But I object to ignorant put downs.
        Blog policy. Now I don’t know if you are my resident troll with the abusive mouth, racist islamophobic views or not – but you sure sound like him.

      3. Whatever. But let’s just establish right here and now that for one that lady was certainly not rude and offensive and your half-hearted apology to her was an embarrassment. Secondly, neither have I been rude or offensive. I really dislike your tone, your manner, and your lack of skills with common discourse. I find you ill-informed, inconsiderate towards additional information, boring to the nth degree, pretentious, artificially intelligent, immature, self-absorbed, a preachy and evangelistic prattle, devoid of restraint with tendency to disagree with negligible entities whilst remaining oblivious of the larger scheme of things. You’re borderline Aspergers as evident from all these thesis lists that are numbered and titled. You are all too readily prone to cast aspersion and downright smug with it. Nobody likes a smart alec.

      4. David – the effects of population increase are obvious to see. They are manifest all around. I’m glad that you are saying that the growth rate is falling. It needs to. The poverty that overpopulation is causing is easy to see in those overcrowded cities.

      5. David/Andrew – you seem to be oblivious to what rudeness and personal abuse actually is. Your standards are obviously different to mine. I consider your snide remarks about guardian readers and your personal asides – (‘ Secondly, neither have I been rude or offensive. I really dislike your tone, your manner, and your lack of skills with common discourse. I find you ill-informed, inconsiderate towards additional information, boring to the nth degree, pretentious, artificially intelligent, immature, self-absorbed, a preachy and evangelistic prattle, devoid of restraint with tendency to disagree with negligible entities whilst remaining oblivious of the larger scheme of things. You’re borderline Aspergers as evident from all these thesis lists that are numbered and titled. You are all too readily prone to cast aspersion and downright smug with it. Nobody likes a smart alec.’)
        to be the epitome of rudeness.
        Perhaps you should try applying an intelligent debate instead of adopting an arrogant overbearing tone based on personal put-downs?

  2. I would also question your claims about huge population growth in Indonesia as it’s actually not too bad at all – OK any growth is worrisome. However, back in 1967 the annual growth rate was at 2.76% and every year since it has dropped and the figure for 2018 stands at 1.06%, which represents a dramatic decrease. I suggest that you have confused with India.

    1. David – I just visited the Philippines and Indonesia, our cabbie had seven kids and he was in his twenties. He was telling me that was normal. A bit anecdotal but that is what I based that on. Everywhere you looked were huge families. Same in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

      1. So your cabbie educates you? OK… now I understand.
        Large families in Asia should not be a surprise to you.
        The thing is Indonesia is 90% Islamic and none of these other countries you mention are. The birth rates in many Islamic countries have been falling for years due to increased costs of living and the introduction of laws enforcing parents to send their kids to school at least until the age of 12. The figures I stated before are WHO figures, so they are legitimate and accurate.
        There are no nationalised persions or social welfare schemes in any of these countries you list, so children are a cash-cow for their future. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. This is the very reason for such population sizes.

  3. No, you’re right there, Opher. Trump won’t listen to anyone but himself. Your thesis is valid – countries today need immigration – for all the reasons you enumerated. What worries me is the situation where some countries in Europe find themselves swamped with refugees fleeing from war-torn countries. However, as much as we like to have controlled immigration into our countries, we can’t control what happens in other countries. For me, standing by and not helping those fleeing for their lives is unconscionable. Good post.

    1. Yes John – I do not think we have managed the crisis very well. Indeed we have had a role in creating it. If we had not gone to war so easily and had helped manage the problems in those countries instead of exacerbating them we would not have had the problem. I can’t help thinking that controlling world population growth is the most crucial aspect.

    2. John, no you are wrong there. Very wrong. It is not a good post, it is an extremely narrow minded one based on assumptions.
      You can have no idea of the situation in some parts of Europe except what you see on a fleeting TV report, yet you have an opinion. Are you bloody well joking?
      I don’t think you have established nearly enough understanding as to why the only direction these people move is north. I doubt that question ever entered your head, even fleetingly. You should know asap that most of these so-called refugees are not refugees from any war-torn country, although a small percentage are, but huge groups of young men manoeuvred through organisation of the Saudi Arabian Wahhabis in conjunction with the Islamic section of the White Helmets. Europe is at the mercy of a mass exodus which is manipulated and conceived to upset the status quo. We have now got to the stage where we are effectively conceding defeat and many people don’t realise what’s coming. What is unconscionable is the forthcoming maelstrom.

      1. You know what? Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one. I don’t care if you disagree, just be well-mannered when you do so. I’m sure you weren’t raised in a barn, but you write like it. I took offense to your combative opening – poor form. I was also offended by your descriptor “narrow-minded” with reference to Opher. If this was my site, I’d block you. Go fly a kite where those who care what you think congregate.

      2. I am sick to death of all these people who bury their heads when the truth is staring them in the face. This is not Racism or mass hysteria this is the UK the UK who has not Closed its Borders and should Do So, this is the UK that will put up with anything thrown at. If anyone here accuses me of being ” too passionate or tells me to calm down”. I am very passionate, I am very passionate about my Country and I don’t see why I have to be called a Racist by anyone or inferred I am a Racist because I tell the truth. Europe is in a mess and surprisingly the person responsible for this is German, that idiotic woman Angela Merkel and her now infamous speech “all wellcome, come”. Europe cannot cope anymore, the social structures set up are breaking or broken. I do not want a Multicultural Society, I want my Country, I want Europe back as to how it was before we were flooded with all these unwelcome illegals, so do the majority of those living in Europe. All those that want them well you find them houses and pay for it, you feed them and pay for it, you take care of their health bills. Gary Lineker with his now famous “give them a home” did he did he hell. Why should the British Taxpayers pay for all these illegals. When its said all the Mosques are are innocent places, all their education centres are innocent. Lies. Maybe some are the majority are not. At least 1,400 children over the period 1997-2014 were exploited by gangs of Muslim men in Rotherham, they were all non muslim white girls, the youngest 11 years of age. Raped, some doused in petrol and threatened to be set alight. Others threatened with guns, and others still forced to watch their friends being gang raped and told it would happen to them if they did not obey. This is perfectly true, but this truth was hidden by those in power. Not just Rotherham or the North of England, but Oxfordshire, Devon and all the other Towns and Cities to be named. It is still going on and permitted to go on. The Police too scared of being called Racists, the local Authorities the same and even Governments. It was well planned that Rape and sexual assaults would take place in certain Towns and Cities in Europe over two Christmases, it happened and what did those in charge do, NOTHING. Unpopular as it may be with the Bleeding Heart Liberals, Europe must shut its Borders. Take a look at Japan and how they handle those who want to live in their Country. Opher you are my age and we have less years ahead of us, I am glad I will not be hear to see the utter chaos and frightening situations there will be here in this Country and the rest of Europe. I fear for my Sons. Call me what want, call me a Realist for that is what I am. David above mentioned the “White Helmets” I am so pleased he did. It’s funny in a way when so many argue for the rights of all these “Poor War Torn people” that have flooded into Europe, yet they won’t argue for the Rights of all those People who were born into those European Countries, all those children/women that have been raped/sexually assaulted/murdered, all those criminals and TERRORISTS our governments have let in. Someone has to care, I DO.

    3. “For me, standing by and not helping those fleeing for their lives is unconscionable”. Nice thoughts, just that, but what have you done for these fleeing people, all those from worn torn Countries, have you housed some or fed some/or financially helped them. Surely you have enough in your own Country, Canada is it, that needs desperate help. You don’t live in Europe you don’t see the chaos to say the least.

  4. Opher, sorry but I have to say this. I did not know you were an expert on “Aspergers” to determiner that David above is Borderline. Well, well. Aspergers” is a very serious condition that those who suffer with do not deserve to have comments like that thrown at people. “Borderline Aspergers” if thats said by you to David, I just wonder what you say about me!!

    1. Anna – I am, a bit of an expert on Asperger’s actually. I had to study it in order to recognise the symptoms in my students. It is a serious condition.
      David, if it is David, and I doubt that, is rude and abusive. I don’t need rudeness and abuse thanks. I don’t mind disagreement or intelligent argument. If you for one minute read the abuse then you would agree. You might agree with his stance but can you really support his rudeness?
      Immigration is the result of many things: war, economic hardship, unemployment, climate change and lack of opportunities.
      I simply do not buy this idea that extreme Muslims are flooding into Europe to take over. It is paranoia and right wing propaganda.
      Yes there have been abuses by Muslims. But do try to keep it in proportion and not swallow all the right wing propaganda put out on the web.
      I do not condone that abuse. I do think we’ve had too much immigration. I do not like religion at all and Islam is one of the worst but I believe a person’s religious views are th3eir own business unless they try to foist it on others.

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