Duplicitous May in her interview before the Referendum.

Prior to the referendum this is what Theresa May was saying:

Now, with the strings being pulled by the Brexiteers, she has changed her tune.

Theresa May puts herself and her lust for power above anything else.

Theresa May put her party and the lust for power before the good of the country.

Theresa May changes her tune to suit which way the wind blows.

Theresa May is so weak and vulnerable that she is being held hostage by the hard right of her party.


5 thoughts on “Duplicitous May in her interview before the Referendum.

  1. Huh? That was the threat made by the head honcho’s in the EU, not by May! She simply conveyed it as a possibility and one that nobody would be too happy to go anywhere near. Since we’ve had Corbyn and his crew (whoever they are this week) harping on about it, as if nobody had thought about it, it is in fact very near the top of the page of current EU negotiations. So what fuss? What scab are you picking at here? Don’t you follow what’s being going on before going public with loose inaccurate thought?

    1. I follow it very well thanks. The Tories are making a right pig’s ear of the whole thing with their arrogant stupidity.
      I can see Theresa May’s strings being pulled by her rabid right wing nutters – can’t you? Are you blind?
      I suggest you actually play the short interview before making asinine statements. It was May who said it.

      1. I’m hoping that you mean an edit of an interview, don’t you? I’d avoid snack-bites at all costs as one tends to only get a partial story.
        Regardless of your expressive and descriptive language – it makes no difference or adds any gravitas to the facts of the matter. It probably gets in the way of clear and concise thought.
        Whilst it is also evident is that a proportion of the EU leadership could also be described as “rabid right wing” – I’ll refrain from the “nutters” as it would be only fair to include a number of top EU personnel and some Labourites, too.
        The entire gambit is played out by the head honcho’s in the EU and all May can do is follow the terms. You do know that it’s the EU that makes the rules?
        Please, if only for your own sake, understand that.
        Any problems are solely being thrown up by the EU.
        May & co would sooner simply walk away.
        Also I suggest you read up on very recent comments made by our EU colleagues in Holland and Denmark. They both have expressed sincere support for our current circumstances and are equally appalled by the bullish EU.

  2. May has stated that she voted to remain in the EU. She is following the dictate of the electoral majority who voted to leave. That’s what responsible politicians do – respect the will of the people.

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