The delicate, intricate beauty of Sri Lankan Art

One of the things I enjoy about travel is to see the wonderful art that has been created by different cultures. Sri Lanka is a good example. Looking around a Buddhist Temple I was transfixed by the intricate decoration and colours of one of the rooms. It was different to that of the Indian temples I had just visited. The colours were more subtle and the designs more sophisticated. The result was rich, ornate and almost baroque.

It was a delight to behold.

2 thoughts on “The delicate, intricate beauty of Sri Lankan Art

  1. Different because it was simply a different subdivision of Buddhism. Because there are hundreds of subdivisions of Buddhism It could have been the opposite depending where you visited. Basically, it is completely untrue to state that a more decorative art display will be found in a Sri Lankan temple than an Indian one.

    1. Quite probably. I really enjoyed all the Indian and Sri Lankan temples. My comments were merely based on my own limited observations. I am not suggesting one was superior to the other – just different.

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