The unseen switch of nature – A poem of hope and rebirth.

The unseen switch of nature

An icy wind stung the cheeks like a slap,
Snowflakes danced and then sped upon the unseen currents,
As I walked the children to school.
A low orange sun tinged the heavy clouds with many hues,
Turning menacing black to more uplifting purple, edged with bright yellow against a clear blue sky, that dissolved into hazy orange on the horizon.
We remained warm within our cocoons of clothes separated from harsh reality around.
We are promised heavy snow to come.
That was apparent as I surveyed those ominous clouds hanging heavy above, swollen with their frozen fruit.
It felt dispiriting. I’ve had enough of the realm of cold and ice.
I held their hands as we crossed the road and raced along the path laughing out loud.
I came last.
It felt as if we were still gripped in winter’s reign, as if it would never release its hold, yet I knew this was the last futile stand;
The unseen switch of nature has already been triggered;
Vivid green shoots are already springing from brown soil and twig.
It is the end of February.
Winter hangs on; desperate to convince us of its potency, yet it is a fraud. Its strength has already waned. This last defiant show of force will sap its energy, and it will soon give way.
Those green shoots shout of the blossom soon to come, the gaiety of colours, the carnival of warmth and the rebirth of freedom.
Soon we will break out from the restrictions of our cocoons to play in the warm breezes and breathe the scented air.
I wait with the children in the playground until their teacher takes them in. Our breath forms clouds of steam.
I walk back home. The clouds have lost their colour now and loom like black mountains above me. Yet they are no longer menacing for those green shoots have robbed them of their strength.
The trigger has been pulled. Summer is coming.

Opher 26.2.2018

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