Jeremy Corbyn Wrongly Accused!! Tory Smear Campaign Backfires!!

Stupid claims being made by the media and Tory Ben Bradley as part of the desperate smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn have backfired horribly.

Ben Bradley was forced to make an abject apology and pay substantial damages to charity after he was threatened with libel for his vicious smears.

The Tories are desperate to blacken Corbyn and try to paint him as a treacherous unpatriotic spy. The absurd smears about him, Czechs, Russians, Palestinians and the IRA are a pack of lies. They demonstrate quite clearly how spooked they are. After eight years of unrelenting austerity for the poor, destruction of public services and handouts to the rich people are finally cottoning on to them. Their days are numbered.

They can’t refute the fully costed policies so they are resorting to lies and smears to turn people against him. They are trying to paint him as an extremist.

There is a virulent campaign run by the Tory media.

However, people are seeing through the lies. It’s time we kicked these Tories out.

14 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn Wrongly Accused!! Tory Smear Campaign Backfires!!

  1. I can’t believe you are seriously suggesting Corbyn has NO connection with the IRA, never mind the other Terrorist Groups he supports and his hatred for the Jews. Most of all your suggestion that his constant involvement with the murderous leaders of the IRA is not true is an absolute joke. Corbyn and that other Traitor MacDonnell have always had close links with the IRA. Just in case you have forgotten the IRA MURDERED BRITISH TROOPS, MURDERED ON THE MAINLAND WITH THEIR BOMBS. Do you need me to remind you of the Towns Villages and people they butchered. Of the woman dragged out of her home with her young children screaming as the IRA dragged their Mother to her death, and why simply because as a Mother she helped a dying boy, a British Soldier, at that time she did not care if the Boy was Protestant or Catholic, she was a Mother trying to help, actually that woman those IRA murdered was a Catholic.

    These are the terrorists that Corbyn supports in any way he can and don’t deny it. Corbyn is a very dangerous man who has to be stopped, for him to become PM with all those looney extreme Left Wing nutters behind him would destroy this Country. He has already made it clear he will “come down hard on the press”. Corbyn is a Traitor.

    1. Anna – Corbyn and McDonald have never supported terrorism in any form. He has always fought for peace in both Ireland and the Middle East – for which he received two peace prizes. He, like every government before – Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Major – was in talks with the IRA and looking for a way forward. To suggest that he supported their evil bombing campaigns or shootings is ridiculous.
      As for the Middle East – he is not anti-Semitic at all. He has shared platforms with Jews and Palestinians looking for a way forward. He has, like me, criticized many policies of the Israeli government with its aggression, illegal incursions and violence.
      Corbyn is not a traitor or a dangerous man. He is a man who has always stood by his principles, fought for peace, fairness and equality and has a set of policies to prove it.
      I think you have fallen for the whole Tory media lies.

  2. It should be noted that at least one of Jezza’s peace prizes was named after an IRA member. Whilst I have more time for John McDonnell than Jezza, whom I regard as a naïve and incompetent opportunist, the question you need to ask is why did John McDonnell feel obliged to apologise for comments he made relating to the IRA if, as you say, he never supported IRA terrorism?

    1. Bede – I don’t know what McDonnell apologised for. What was it?
      I look at the policies Bede. They are more important than the people. The media crescendo trying to blacken Corbyn is an establishment response. They feel threatened. He doesn’t represent the wealthy elite and they are trying their damnedest to smear him and create doubt.
      I understand exactly what the Tories stand for. It is crystal clear in the policies they implement – I explained that in a recent post – tax cuts to the wealthy, tax cuts to corporations, cuts to public services, austerity and wage restraint, privatisation of education and the NHS.
      I also understand what Labour stand for – more taxes for the rich, more taxes for corporations, an end to austerity, better public services, and nationalisation.

  3. Broadly what McDonnell said was that the IRA fighters should be honoured for their actions, ie. bombings and shootings, in support of a united Ireland. McDonnell is strong advocate for the unification of Ireland and was happy, it appears, for that to be achieved through violence not discourse as you suggest. I favour the unification of Ireland myself but not through killing. & bombing.

  4. Re-nationalisation is a big plank of Labour’s manifesto. It has been lambasted on the basis of how much it would cost the country being that there’s not much evidence to support the idea that publicly-operated services are more efficient and better than privately-operated services. Be that as it may, what I want to know is how are Labour going to reconcile state sponsorship with joining a customs union with the EU? State sponsorship is barred under EU regulations and the EU would insist on acceptance of EU regulations as a condition of a customs union.

    1. I’ve no idea Bede. I’ve never really thought about it. Hopefully they’ll be a vote of confidence soon that May’ll lose. They’ll be a general election and Corbyn will be elected. Then they’ll be a second referendum and people will have come to their senses and will vote remain so there won’t be an issue with it.
      Aaah – we can dream.

  5. When did Corbyn say he was in favour of a 2nd referendum? Corbyn stated he voted remain but I have my doubts. He has always been anti-EU (he views it as a capitalist conspiracy) and Corbyn tends to obstinately cling to his beliefs.

    1. I don’t think he is in favour, but the bulk of his party are – who knows? I too view the EU with suspicion but given the choice being in is far better.

  6. McDonnell is no fool. He has twice the intellect of Corbyn but also he is ruthless in his pursuits. Corbyn is a pussy.

  7. Focus on getting our money back from the Tories and Theresa May who stole it all. Don’t vote Tory on May 3rd.

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