Does it matter who makes the laws?

Does it matter who makes the laws? Isn’t the important thing the quality of the laws that are being made?

Firstly I must say that I believe we live in a phony democracy. We have very little choice on the representatives we have to select from. I’ve never found one who fully represents my views.

Secondly the media, including the BBC, are all biased and distort the news. Democracy is dependant on having access to the truth. We are fed a series of distorted lies.

Do I care a jot if a law is made in Brussels or London? Not a bit. I have absolutely no influence over either. There is a fake news put out by democracies that we are in control. We are not. The politicians are a law unto themselves.

The only thing that concerns me is the quality of the legislation. I have found the quality of legislation and liberal attitudes coming out of Europe is far superior to that coming out of Westminster.

20 thoughts on “Does it matter who makes the laws?

  1. It might not actually be as superior as you thought it was. If you care to examine Human Rights, you will find a number of legislative loopholes concerning age of consent with sex with children, alcohol consumption by children, homosexual rights, drug consumption laws, marriage laws etc.

    1. Most of the Human Rights legislation was directly from Britain. I am not aware of any problems with the areas you describe. What exactly are the issues to which you refer?
      My point is that it is the quality of the laws rather than who makes them.

      1. Obviously you are not aware, which was exactly my point!
        You would have to go through them all country by country.
        Start with sex with children in France and then come back with further accolades of EU superiority.

      2. Alice – I am well aware of how EU legislation has affected Britain. We rightly do not allow sex with children. If you are going through various laws country by country then that is entirely a different thing. I suggest you say what you mean and spell it out rather than casting aspersions.

      3. I forgot to mention that the fact that Human Rights legislation originated from Britain conflicts with previous statements made in this area where it was believed we (Britain) would not have as powerful Human Rights laws were it not for the EU.
        Good to read that you have settled into the comfort of the truth of the matter.

        I think your argument is with the CPS and their workings as opposed to the law makers who if you only knew how they work and the degrees of detail they indulge, you might (and should) not be making such broad statements.

      4. What is obvious to most people is that Britain will seek to water down Human Rights legislation in the same way that Trump has done. In order to stimulate the economy, which will suffer greatly from Brexit, they will endeavour to deregulate both workers’ rights and environmental safeguards. That is the concern.
        This bunch of right-wing thugs presently in charge have the same agenda as Trump – all that matters is cash.

  2. I see, so when you refer to the EU, you only refer to Britain? And the other 27 member states?
    I’ll repeat myself – examine legislation for sex with children in France.

      1. Why? So why have EU law?
        Don’t you think the EU has a responsibility to protect all children? Or are you perfectly happy with the laissez faire?
        The point being that in general EU law is a quagmire of disproportionates.
        Which beggars the question of why the need of the EU to make laws.

      2. So far there has been overriding EU legislation in many areas which I am perfectly happy with.
        I know nothing about national laws pertaining to different European countries. To an extent I reckon that is up to them to decide. I would have thought it was incumbent on all nations to protect children. I do not know to what you are referring – please explain the specifics.
        We need overarching laws to protect with things that cross national boundaries – trade, human rights, trafficking, pollution, conservation, food quality, crime, tax evasion, terrorism and so on. Seems extremely reasonable to me.

      3. Please refer to my original comment above and see what I was commenting on.
        You’re now talking about laws regarding trade which are nothing of the kind to do with Human Rights. All I can assume from what you have said is that you have little or no knowledge of the disparity that exists pan-EU regards Human Rights and especially those concerning children.
        Indeed they SHOULD be all at a similar standard level, but suffice to say they are not.

      4. Precisely as was written. The age of consent with sex with children etc.
        It’s evident you have no information about any of this so it’s safe to assume you haven’t any view either. Nevermind.

      5. That’s a strange logic Alice. The fact that I don’t happen to know the age of consent in different countries does not mean I don’t have an interest does it?
        I’ve just checked it out. The age of consent in France is fifteen. It’s sixteen in England but many fourteen and fifteen year old girls are sexually active and no action is taken. It’s a highly debatable area.

      6. Looking at it you are the one with strange logic.
        For instance, if you were really that interested then you would know and you would not be blowing empty bubbles in the first place.
        But at least now you have learned something that you did not know yesterday.

        You are wrong there – action is taken. Shouldn’t you really know all about this considering you worked in teenage education?
        Your argument that some youngsters are active – we all know that, but unfortunately some are unable to deal with it and end up with problems. This is where action is taken and there is nothing debatable about that.
        My sister lives in France and for many years has assisted young vulnerable girls to escape prostitution. Unfortunately there are many English sex tourist day trippers who are aware of this legality and go there for their perverted kicks.
        If EU Human Rights laws were any good at all this wouldn’t be possible.

      7. Alice – one minute you are after countries having their own laws and the next you are defending uniformity. I would prefer uniformity but European law does not intrude too much into national jurisdiction. It sounds like you’d want it to more. So would I.
        Sexual maturity and intellectual maturity is extremely varied. Some people are not mature in their twenties, others are mature at twelve. Putting an age on consent is rather arbitrary. For some it is too late and for others too early.
        As for prostitution well that is a separate thing altogether. Perhaps that requires a different age of consent?
        I just can’t see a great number of British men going to France for one year difference in the age of consent. Those perverts probably head to Thailand or numerous other countries to prey on young girls. For paedophiles fifteen is probably too old.

    1. Sorry, you are completely wrong with that as not once did I intimate that I was after countries having their own laws. What I did say and what you failed to grasp was that were the EU to make laws on Human Rights, then these laws should be equal to all countries at the same level. Seemingly you were unaware that there are differences which obviously negates your laissez faire attitude of not caring who actually makes the laws in the first place. You made the claim that laws coming from the EU were ‘superior’, when obviously they are not.
      This is what I have been trying to get you to correspond with all along.
      Yes, I did realise the bit about EU law not intruding into national jurisdiction. LOL.
      You MUST be pulling my leg or a shilling short. Back in your day it would have cost a shilling just to look at my leg!

      Again your ideas of what is arbitrary are of no use for the simple reason that we have legal age limits where children can leave school, can work full time, vote, marry, drive etc. It would be a simple good basis for the age of sex to correspond with school leaving and work and to be the same standards that apply across Europe. There should not be differences.
      This would enable better ingress to the problems of teenage prostitution which is a massive problem right across Europe.
      Please try and imagine that if the age of 15 is legal, what age are these girls really? You can bank on them being anything from aged 12, which is exactly the case. Please stick to topic as I have not discussed Asia.
      Whether you can see it or not is beside the point. There are many English day trippers to France for sex with young girls as it can be done in a day and home for tea and meet the wife. Obviously it is considerably cheaper than a return flight to Thailand. This is a fact of life as uncomfortable as it may seem to you.
      Perverts and paedophiles don’t have ‘age limits’. Many paedophile men prefer girls in the post-pubescent age group.

      Why didn’t I just say from the very start that your post concept fell short of the actual reality. That would have done nicely and that would be that, done and dusted.

      1. Alice – you choose not to understand. The EU law is not all pervasive. You seem to want it to be yet you don’t want the EU. That is weird.
        As I said fifteen or sixteen for the age of consent is not a huge difference and I do not believe that hordes of perverted men are heading off to France on the basis of that. Those paedophiles are not looking for fifteen year olds. They go for younger than that. Those paedophiles do head for Asia not France.
        To me it seems obvious that there is a big difference between consensual sex between teenagers of similar ages and older men preying on young girls. I’m sure the law sees that too.
        As for the vote I would give that to sixteen year olds too.
        I’m not sure in my day that any of my mates were paying a shilling to look at girls’ legs. Neither was I.
        EU law is very good on the aspects it deals with. There is a balance between being too invasive and addressing universal issues. Obviously the French think that young people in France are adult enough at fifteen. I’m not that bothered by the year’s difference. I don’t know why you’re making such a fuss. I would be bothered if it was twelve or thirteen. I would also be bothered if older men were grooming sixteen year olds or if sixteen or seventeen year olds were going into sex work.
        In the States it is 18. I think that is too old. But that’s their decision.

      2. Why can’t you read exactly what is printed?
        What is wrong with your interpretive cognitive abilities?
        Why does it feel like I’m talking to a deaf brick wall?
        I’m not talking only about consensual sex between teenagers, although that has its problems. We know that.
        I’m talking about adult interest. And only adult interest. And I think that was perfectly clear and obvious. You chose to ignore it and go off on a tangent about Asia.

        I told you the score. I get first hand information from my sister. This is what she does full time for a living. And you refuse to believe it and bugger about with Asia again.
        You’re talking a load of tosh. Loads of English are admonished for their behavior with many currently in prison. It’s a sad fact of life. When I go to Lyon, which is probably about 6 times a year to where my sister lives and works, I go around with her and I cannot begin to explain the shocking state of affairs that exist. 13/14 year old heroin addicted prostitutes from some former Eastern bloc country that work for “economic migrant” gangster teams. There are hundreds of gangster teams working sex and drugs in Lyon. France is taking a terrible toll from all this and will eventually be very badly damaged by it all. By all accounts Marseille is a lot worse, as are many parts of Paris.

        I keep saying to you that all laws must be equal throughout the EU. We shouldn’t be having any such differences. That’s a fairly reasonable request, but you keep saying it’s not all pervasive. We KNOW that! I think I’m about 10 steps ahead of you. You didn’t even know what I was talking about from the off. You didn’t know anything at all about it and here you are full on with a bloody opinion.
        There’s a word for people like that. Opinionated.

        Of course, you’re an elderly man, who no doubt appreciated nothing of the disadvantages teenage girls have in many parts of Europe. It’s not a concern for you and you probably never ever think about it. Your reply speaks volumes as to your attitude. It’s really not at all helpful, not a bit is it.
        By god you might have another attitude entirely were it your grand daughter being banged at 14 and a half by Mr. Jones from Brighton. I bet it would, so refrain from that frothy nonsense that you can’t help but throw in my direction.
        Women are subject to feelings on certain subjects that you bloody bastard men will never even begin to realise – and this is one of them. So just shut up and think about it. Think deep and hard like you never did before. If you are married – to a woman I should add – go and ask her what she thinks of your reply to me. Don’t spare her any details and read to her every word that you wrote. Bets on that she might give you a slap into next week. I would.
        I’ll say it for the last time – where there are disparities in the law regarding age of consent, and where the age limits are lower fundamentally promotes the opportunities for abuses on young girls. You must understand that.
        Just that year difference can make all the difference. And you as some kind of school person should realise that the more obstacles we put in the path of young persons at such a vulnerable age then the higher the chances that their education will also suffer. But I suppose you would want to disagree with that. But before you do do so, I want you to study up on the fallout ratios in France and report back that all is perfectly satisfactory. You will be unable.

        I’m not interested in the vote on this topic. It has no bearing on this topic.
        Older men are grooming 15 year olds. Of course they are and there’s not a lot to stop them.
        Today 14 countries in EU permit the age of consent at 14, which equates to about half of the total member states.
        Given the widespread gangland organised prostitution of minors which is rife right across Europe – but I don’t think you have any awareness at all about this – perhaps it may be sensible to increase that age.
        I’m not certain you are aware of the scale of such activities in France today, where thousands upon thousands of young girls are brought in from the Eastern European sector, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia etc to be force worked as sex slaves in 24 hour brothels.
        These are nothing like the legalised establishments found in Holland, Germany and Scandinavia.
        You obviously have no idea what is happening. And you better believe that there are indeed hordes of men from England heading off to France for a day’s sex with youngsters.
        Why do you think there are so many brothels in Calais?
        Have you ever been to Calais?
        I see you like to photograph churches and sea birds. Nice, very humble of you.
        How about a change and go and count how many brothels and under-age birds you can spot. And better still how many UK car registrations you can spot in the nearby vicinity and the number of men only occupied cars just over for a day trip.
        And you want to tell me they only head to Asia?
        Paedophiles don’t do day trips?
        Think again. And again.
        You haven’t got a clue.
        You are completely unable to stick to topic and to discuss anything of any gravitas. You just repeat cliche after cliche and refuse to acknowledge any situation that you were unaware of, yet you busy yourself with delight with liberal attitudes coming out of Europe. In reality the tally of social problem disorders in Europe today is a mind boggling pandemic of epic proportions.
        I’m very glad that we in UK are better than that.

      3. Hey Alice – perhaps it’s your tone and belligerent rude attitude that demands a confrontation? Ever considered that? You must be hell to work with.
        As I am pointing out you have a distorted picture of things. Yes there are lots of young girls being trafficked for prostitution. It is disgusting and it needs stopping.
        The laws are already there aren’t they? They just need enforcing.
        If there are 13 and 14 year old girls in brothels then the police should be arresting people shouldn’t they? As the age of consent is 15 then they are illegal aren’t they?
        This type of paedophilia is extant throughout Europe and Britain. It needs stamping out. We have to ask why they aren’t doing more? But raising the age of consent to fifteen is not going to change anything is it?
        Of course I’m opinionated. So are you. I have an opinion. Nothing wrong with that. I think exploiting young girls is wrong. I think that the age of consent makes very little difference. I think that it might still be an idea to further integrate all countries through Europe but you know what would happen then, don’t you? All the nationalist scum would be screaming about Europe controlling everything.
        Thanks for the derogatory put-down again. I’m not exactly senile just yet. And I certainly do have an interest in fairness and the plight of all downtrodden people. I’ve had much more life experience than you and know a lot more about the plight of many different types of downtrodden people thanks.
        I’m sure you would be happy to give everyone slaps who disagrees with your views. I’m happily married thanks and have a daughter who’s older than you. I certainly would not want her in prostitution. But that was never an issue.
        I just do not agree with your premise. The age of consent is of little importance. There should be better regulation and enforcement of the sex industry and I would set that age for at least 18 and enforce it rigorously. Girls wanting to go into that industry should be registered and given regular checks. The main problem is an unregulated industry.
        I’m glad those bastards who are abusing young girls are being locked up. That’s what they deserve.
        Perhaps if you were less rude and abusive you might receive a better reception. Rudeness and abuse rarely convince anyone. Your attitude stinks.

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