Is Democracy in Decline???

A report from the economist indicates that democracy is declining around the world. That is disturbing.

In decline


Less than 5% of the world’s population currently lives in a “full democracy”, and more than 30% endures authoritarian rule, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, which is based on 60 indicators across five categories. But there is some cause for cheer: the Gambia enjoyed its first ever democratic transfer of power last year, rising from “authoritarian regime” to “hybrid regime”, writes our data team

11 thoughts on “Is Democracy in Decline???

  1. Democracy is a delicate animal and it’s biggest enemy is human nature , because it believes in one person one vote. That has led to the rise of political propaganda which often panders to the selfish side of our natures. We can add to this the continual chant that we must strive to get on and earn as much as we possibly can to finance a lavish lifestyle. Contentment is a dirty word even in our western democracies and the only word we must hear is growth.
    When living standards are threatened democracy is in danger and we can see this clearly in the rise of the right throughout Europe.
    Is it not interesting that we don’t hear Brexiteers saying we must still leave the union and take control of our own boarders even if it means a reduction in our living standards.

    1. Kertsen – I agree with you. We have been subject to much propaganda and lies. Democracy depends on having the truth but our media peddles extremely biased information that amounts to overt political propaganda.
      It would be much more honest if the Brexiteers were to admit that Brexit will make us all poorer but it will be worth it.
      It’s no wonder that democracy id dying. Nobody believes what the politicians say.

      1. I don’t believe the political truth would turn the tide to the left because it’s in our natures to ignore the truth especially when it is unpalatable and brings personal disadvantages. Besides the global truth would be very different from the British truth because political truth depends on your viewpoint.

      2. Kertsen – all the evidence I have seen, here and abroad, is that Brexit will be a disaster for Britain and others.
        A lot of people have changed their minds when they have seen the reality.

  2. Besides the issues mentioned above, we now have the leader of the free world declaring that most of the traditional US Media are publishing Fake News! Once you’ve destroyed public confidence in the media, it’s tough to keep politicians honest. Glad to see Canada is in healthy shape.

  3. We would say there is not so much reason for cheer, because four places in the world preferring to choose to live with a dictator and not bringing the truth or telling that what others bring in the news would be fake news. Those leaders are a danger for the democratic countries where populists also try to follow their example and several politicians are caught by the fear for migrants and Islamisation that they are willing to limit certain human rights, undermining the democracy even more.

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