Why I do not like Donald Trump in a nutshell!

In my view Donald Trump is a liar and a populist who has used the poor and desperate to gain power and promote his own interests. He sides with the fascist groups and promotes fear of terrorism and hatred of Muslims in order to gain support. He thrives on racism and xenophobia.

What I dislike about Donald Trump in a nutshell:

a. Climate denial and closing down all climate monitoring
b. Doing away with environmental protection
c. Doing away with health and safety regs
d. Cutting corporation tax
e. Cutting tax for the rich
f. Taking away funding for contraception
g. Taking away funding for abortion centres
h. Having a racist immigration policy with blanket restrictions
I. Building a ludicrous wall
j. Producing America first isolationist policies
k. Shutting down Science centres
l. Promoting evangelicals
m. Supporting white supremacist groups
n. Retweeting extreme right-wing racist propaganda
o. Goading North Korea
p. Goading Iran
q. Opening up national parks for fracking and mining
r. Allowing fracking and mining on beaches
s. Threatening countries that do not support his policies
t. Misogynistic attitudes towards women
u. Being unstable and emotionally suspect
v. Sacking anyone who disagrees with him
w. Being rude and offensive
x. Trying to put huge tariffs on our aero industry

Plus, of course, he is an arrogant narcissist who has stirred up hatred and division.


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