I am a Romantic.

I am a Romantic. I have  firmly bought into the 19th Century myth of Romanticism. Life for me is a sweet spice of experiences that I have attempted to savour.

My aim in life is to taste as wide a range of experiences as possible, to fill every minute to the full.

I want to fit in as much novel experience, beauty, wonder and difference as I can manage. I do not want to waste a single second.

The universe is fantastic. Life is incredible. Nature is beautiful. The planet is immense. Human cultures are varied and full of nuance. I want to taste the food, see the art, read the poetry, read the stories, see the colours, the architecture and beauty. I want to bathe in the philosophies.

I want to do and experience everything I can and seek pleasure and fulfilment in all aspects of delights.

I want to create and live in harmony with nature.

I am aware that all this is a pointless vision of no substance but it will do for me. It is a vision created by the romantics – but I like it. I aim to fill the moments with love and pleasure, experience and delight and live in those moments.

That seems worthwhile to me.

10 thoughts on “I am a Romantic.

      1. Sorry it’s taken until now to answer, trying to catch up, not doing too much these days on the internet you have no doubt noticed. Thank you I have finished the infusions and feel a little more energetic. Have an appointment with Kidney Consultant soon, not looking forward to that. Hope you and the Family are well Opher.

      2. Anna – yes I had noticed that you have been a little quiet. Glad you’re back and feeling a bit better. I hope that consultation goes well. You’ve certainly been through the wars.
        We’re all OK though we’re just recovering from that nasty flu bug that messed up Christmas for us and is lingering. But we’re well on the mend thanks.

    1. Hi John – because ultimately I think it was a vision created by people in search of a reason and purpose and ultimately I think there isn’t one – only what we create for ourselves. But I still buy into it. It gives me purpose. That’s all that matters.

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