I agree with Nigel Farage!!

We need a second Referendum!

Democracy isn’t a one-off!!

Now we know more about what is entailed we deserve the right to change our mind! That’s democracy!!

What do you think?

This poll in the Daily Mirror shows that people have changed their mind. They think that leaving the UK is a bad deal for us all!!


6 thoughts on “I agree with Nigel Farage!!

  1. Well if you get to do that, WE ought to be able to call for a do-over on our election!!!!! I’m sooooo tired of this white supremacist with the “sh*thole” mouth… (And I LOVED Norway’s responses to him!) Can you believe he stood at the podium with the president (or whatever the title) of Norway and declared we had begun delivering F-52’s (?) to Norway? A plane that only exists in the video game Call of Duty? What more evidence to people need that this guy is a nut job???

      1. Don’t kid yourself, Opher. We’re going to have Trump’s devastation forever, too, I’ve a feeling. He’s made it possible for anyone to create their own little bubble and live in it. It’s self-perpetuating. And there will always be haters.

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