Democracy!!! The Majority of the Public Want a SECOND Referendum!!!

Now that the ramification of the disaster involved in leaving the EU is becoming clear the majority of the British people are realising that they were lied to. It is not going to save us money. It is not going to get more jobs or stop immigration. It is not going to stop terrorism. It was just a nostalgic trip back to a time that didn’t exist led by a bunch of extreme nationalists.

Now we know what we were really voting for we want a second vote!!!

We want democracy!! We want our country back!!

31 thoughts on “Democracy!!! The Majority of the Public Want a SECOND Referendum!!!

  1. I know a lot of people there think having a vote is wrong since it was already voted on. But there are times when that IS necessary or the ability to do that wouldn’t even be there. I’m assuming, of course, that a second vote on something has happened before?

    1. There are many precedents for further votes both here and abroad. I do think that now matters are a lot clearer there is a definite case for another vote. When it is clear that leaving will do a great deal of harm to the country it seems daft to press ahead and shoot deliberately ourselves in the foot. The intelligent thing to do is to weigh it up and make a more informed decision.
      There is a clear mandate from the country on this. Many people have woken up to the dangers of leaving. There is now over 50% in favour of a second referendum while only 34% are opposed according to the latest survey. That seems quite clear to me!

      1. Well said, the majority of fascism/racism in the U.K. is directed AT Leave voters who are branded as racist, fascist etc., with many saying “most Leave voters will be dead soon so why worry”? Most arguments from these Remainers can be completely deconstructed, but why bother, let’s just assert the opposite like they do, especially Blair who recently was caught out spreading lies about the NHS losing European workers because of Brexit when the exact opposite is true and the number of Europeans in the NHS has actually INCREASED since the referendum! Then there is the fall of the £ versus the €, all that has happened is that it has gone back to its 2009 level under a Labour Government. Inflation? Try living with 15% inflation and you might grasp what it really means. Economic growth? UK is the second strongest economy on the planet. Unemployment is down, employment is up. There, that wasn’t difficult was it?

      2. Dr – I am sure that there are a lot of people who are very frustrated and angry that their country is now being directed by the rabid right wing of the Tory Party with its xenophobia, racism and nationalism to the fore. I’m sure that they say things they shouldn’t. They are frustrated that a bunch of old gits living in rosy nostalgia for an age that never was have voted away their future and left them impoverished, have accelerated the decline of the country and polluted the ethos of the place by encouraging the racists, xenophobes and fascists to become emboldened. The young have been sold down the river.
        The numbers of EU citizens leaving the NHS has risen and the numbers applying have gone through the floor. Seems that the fake news is all on your side.
        Blair was, unlike you, stating facts:
        The figures, compiled by NHS Digital, prompted medical leaders to call for more reassurances to European workers about their future in the UK. A total of 17,197 EU staff, including nurses and doctors, left their posts in 2016, compared with 13,321 in 2015 and 11,222 for 11 months in 2014.
        Even though EU staff numbers rose across the period analysed, experts fear the number of people leaving is the more significant trend.
        The pound dramatically dropped due to Brexit and we are all feeling the effects of that in increased prices. It would not have happened it Brexit hadn’t occurred.
        You also spread lies about our economy. We are the sixth/seventh largest economy and our economic performance has dropped. Just recently we were the second worst. We have been overtaken by Europe and are languishing with latest predictions pointing to the fact that it is going to get worse. Brexit has already been an economic disaster for Britain. It cut off our growth at the knees and saddled us with continuing austerity.
        We are now in a situation where banks and firms are wholly or partially relocating to Europe, we are spending £3 billion a year on employing more bureaucrats and solicitors to sort the mess out, going to be spending billions more setting up more levels of bureaucracy and agencies to deal with the shit that was previously dealt with centrally and our economy is going to go through the floor.
        Britain’s prestige and influence abroad has already taken a bit dive. We no longer have the clout we had a couple of years ago and that is not all down to bumbling Boris.
        The only correct thing you’ve said is that employment is up. But is that a good thing? They have used draconian methods to drive people back to work (I just watched I Daniel Blake again last night – it is an indictment of how sick, desperate and disabled people have been bullied) and now those people are driving back and forth delivering packages in the gig economy, or stacking shelves or flipping burgers, on minimum pay with no rights. Is that the sort of Britain you want to live in?
        Not me. I want proper jobs that pay well and give workers full rights.

      3. 1. “NHS Digital stats show there were 3,000 more EU nationals working in the NHS in June 2017 than there were before the referendum result, an increase of 5.4%. That includes 470 more doctors. The overall share of the NHS workforce who are EU nationals also increased over that time, from 5% to 5.2%.”

      4. Firstly – unfortunately your responses are attached to Andrew’s trolling thread and will likely as not be invisible on my blog. In order to be visible you will need to respond to the post and not Andrew. I have been trolled by him for a year under various aliases and automatically delete him as he is so obnoxious.
        Secondly – I do not recognise these figures you put up. I base my findings on the reports made about the NHS where even the government has expressed concern regarding recruitment and loss of NHS staff. The guardian report is an example.

      5. I do not find that in any way surprising. We have been one of the world’s major banking hubs. I note New Zealand is number one. What I am pointing out is that things are about to change. When we are no longer part of the EU and there are restrictions imposed on us by the EU that picture will be very different. Will London still be a major player? Who knows? It certainly won’t be as easy to deal with or as cheap. The major banks are already moving staff into Europe and opening subsidiaries (as are many businesses). Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin and many other EU cities have delegations here offering benefits for relocation.
        Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot.

      6. And …. what will win the first race at Newmarket today? Assertiveness is neither truth nor predictive especially relating to future events.

      7. Oh – BTW – mymonkeyyourwife – probably a friend of yours is a nasty little troll who has been pestering my blog for a year or two and keeps sneaking back to spread his vitriol under different slimy aliases – an unpleasant character who is stalking the blog.

    2. My Monkey – a bit of a hysterical response and not accurate either.
      The damage done to the economy has already been grave. It is set to get a lot worse. We’re not out yet. The pound dropped through the floor. Inflation is well up. The austerity continues. The public services are being decimated. The racism and hostility grows. Great qualified staff are fleeing the NHS, schools and other important roles. The disruption to science, antiterrorism, crime detection, environmental controls and hundreds of other things is immense. We are employing tens of thousand bureaucrats and lawyers already costing us billions.
      Past precedents:
      On three occasions – Denmark on the Maastricht Treaty, Ireland on the Nice Treaty and Ireland again on the Lisbon Treaty – voters have initially rejected an EU treaty only to vote in favour of it in a second referendum.
      As you may know a referendum is only advisory as it is not constitutionally binding.
      In terms of a majority wanting a second referendum I refer you to the original article:
      Perhaps you should read it first. Then look at the latest polls that show a clear majority opposed to leaving.
      The Nationalist extremists are the likes of Farage, Fox, IDS, Davis, Gove and the rest of the rabid right (I don’t include Boris in there – he’s just a stupid chancer). The most right-wing bunch of idiots we’ve had for a long while. May is a dork who is being held to it by that bunch of cretins.
      Immigration will not be instantly solved. If that happened our economy would really go through the floor and the country would be completely fucked. The NHS, schools, old peoples’ homes and agriculture couldn’t manage. No. The final deal will probably be one that gives us access to the market and so allows full movement. We’d be as good as in without the voting rights.
      In terms of immigration we could have easily signed up to the treaty that said we could send back anyone without a job here. Why didn’t we do that?
      In terms of the NHS – they simply need to tighten up their operation. Again – government laxity.
      You seem to believe every lie put out by the Daily Mail and Express – all sloping in to use our NHS and claim benefit. Scare stories. And you lot talk about Project Fear. Well Project Fear is fast becoming Project Fact.

      The only thing you are correct on is that the EU needs an overhaul. No it isn’t run by extreme right-wingers – you’re confusing that with the Tory Party. But it needs to be made more democratic and accountable.

      Having an outward psychology rather than an inward mentality is far better in my opinion. I want a global perspective and not this insular Little Englander mentality. We are part of Europe and always have been – in or out – and I prefer to interact with my European friends rather than pretend we are superior and lock ourselves away.

      I suggest that instead of throwing abuse around you use intelligence. You’re entitled to your view and I respect that but your arrogance and attitude is part of the reason there is so much hatred and fury flying around.

      1. I do not know who will win at Newmarket. But I know that if I was to carry out a stringent test of physique, physiology and metabolism on all the runners I would be able to gain a very good idea.
        People who study horses and form have a better chance of getting it right don’t they?
        It does not take a genius to realise the economic disaster that Brexit is. If you support Brexit then surely your argument has to be that the economic hit is worth it? I certainly do not think it is. I think it is going to be a cataclysmic nightmare for the country and particularly the young.
        At a time when we are struggling to deal with the inequality created by globalisation and automation the last thing we needed was this mess.
        I do not think the EU is run well or is democratic and accountable enough, but then I would say the same thing about our government. Given a choice between the two I prefer what the EU has done rather than what British Governments have done. It is the lesser of two evils.

  2. Democracy – we had democracy, we were allowed to vote and we voted, those that lost the vote will not accept that they LOST, it is NOT DEMOCRACY TO DEMAND ANOTHER VOTE, the fact you lost and don’t like the outcome is just too bad and calling people like myself names such as”Extreme Nationalist” or “old gits”, or as some have done calling those that voted for Brexit “Racists”, really does not help. You are assuming that no one under the age of 60 voted for Brexit, well you are most certainly wrong. When we had the vote all those years ago to enter the then “Common Market”, I voted against entering then and I do not recall all those that lost the vote throwing their toys out of the pram like all those vindictive extreme left wingers are doing now. We voted for OUR COUNTRY BACK and we got it back, being in Europe was Not our Country, this is our Country free from all those rules and regulations and waste of money, and floods of immigrants we cannot cope with. Denmark and Germany and the rest having to put banners up New Year’s Eve for those celebrating to tell those immigrants Not To Touch Or Rape The Women who would be present, its necessary to tell Merkel’s Immigrants she is now paying to leave Germany NOT TO RAPE White Women, this is the Europe you want?? After last year and all I went through physically I vowed I would not get involved in arguments over stupidity like those who will not accept that BREXIT is here and here to stay, it was a Legal Vote, there will be no other Vote.

    As for you being “trolled” as you say, are you objecting to those that do not agree with you. Surely whatever one writes you must accept others will have different views to your strong views, theirs surely are just as strong. That’s the chance one takes. It’s a pity Opher that you are so blind to the corruptness of Corbyn, Mcdonnell and the Labour Party, in particular those groups that surround them ie momentum and the hypocritical “Say no to hate campaign”, the very corrupt leaders of those groups, their real motives. I do not trust any Politician, just in case you accuse me of being a Tory Lover, if I had my way I would want a very strong person in charge and I am sorry to say there are none, and none on the horizon either.

    1. Anna – I have no problem with people having different views or arguing their case. You certainly put your views forcefully enough. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with personal abuse and nastiness. I have only ever removed one person from this blog and that was because of extreme nastiness.
      All the other posts are left up on here.
      Democracy doesn’t just happen once Anna.

      1. So Anna – if it is just one vote in democracy why a second vote? We’d already voted to go in.
        The only reason we had a referendum to come out was because Cameron wanted to shut up the extreme nationalists on the rabid right of his party. He never thought for a minute that people would be foolish enough to vote out and put the whole country in jeopardy for party politics. Now we have that extreme bunch of nationalists running the country!
        Now just have a think. We’ve just had the Scottish vote and they voted to stay in (thankfully) but it hasn’t stopped the SNP from demanding a second vote and if the polls show it they’ll be another referendum there.
        Well the polls do show it here. 50% -34% (16% DK) in the latest poll. People have woken up to what it really means. It isn’t simple. It has already hit the economy badly and we’re not out yet. The worst is yet to come. It is costing us a fortune – £3 Billion on extra bureaucrats so far – £40-£50 Billion divorce fee. So much for saving money. It will greatly impoverish us.
        Your hysteria about immigrants and terrorists is just that – hysteria. Brexit is only going to make terrorism worse by stopping the European collaboration.

      2. To Opher,
        Didn’t you bar someone because they had the temerity to question your claim of possessing an IQ of 165?. Btw, 165 is an incredibly high score perhaps.

        Happy Is He who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rocks.
        Psalm 137:9

      3. There is only 1 person I have banned from my blog and that was incessant personal abuse and trolling. I leave all posts up and reply to them all.

      4. It’s here copied onto our Sam Cooke site. Why this keeps coming through…?
        Post “Which dead Rock Star is the biggest loss”? July 25, 2017 at 7:57
        Guy says his IQ was 154. Guys says a lot of stuff about himself, but don’t know much right about Sam Cooke.

  3. Quote: “we’d already voted to go in”. What, in 1974? Of what relevance is this?
    You’re very wrong on the detail of why Cameron called an election.
    He called an election to stymie these fascistic bureaucrats that run the EU and had held a deaf ear on no less than 72 occasions (and that is public knowledge, so please don’t try and refute it) to Cameron’s attempts to get a fairer deal for UK. After all, that was his job to do so.
    The EU rabid right are running the free labour market controls in Europe. It is upon them that you should be targeting your objections. You need to know the connections that many hundreds of senior EUcrats hold within big business. Their corruption and hypocricy is galling.

    And lastly, as a fully paid up member of the SNP, although it pains me, there is and was NO such thing as a “Scottish Vote”. Scotland was asked the very same question as England was, “should the United Kingdom stay in the European Union, tick Remain or Leave. The vote had nothing whatsoever to do with “Scotland”, but simply a connection by adding up all the votes together as a whole, regardless of regional representation. You might need to know where the money lies in Scotland and how the voting turned out in these areas.
    It is badly informed conjecture such as this that causes insurmountable confusion within the less informed and it really is most irresponsible to spread and make such misleading commentary.
    Further, NO, there will NOT be another election/referendum vote in Scotland until AFTER Brexit, as confirmed by the horses mouth herself, Ms. Nicola Sturgeon, not too many weeks ago. There are NO such polls as per your above claims. In fact, the Scottish voting public have made it all too clear to Scottish Parliament that they will NOT tolerate calls for anymore elections, hence why Sturgeon has stopped talking about it. You cannot have failed to note her sudden change of verbal policy were you paying attention rather than making stuff up to embolden your folly.

    Lastly, Brexit has got nothing to do with terrorism or collaboration between other EU security forces. I think you need to further understand how Interpol works. It has nothing at all to do with the EU or membership of the EU. If anything it is the EU that make things more difficult for our security forces where member states allow their ex-convict citizens to leave their home countries to come here without us knowing about their prior convictions. The EU prefers to “protect” its citizens.
    Has it never crossed your mind why people are refused a visa for entry into the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. That is because our government’s home security department are obliged to pass on such vital information, unlike that of our EU counterparts.
    So no marks at all on that one, Sir, and that was indeed a most stupid remark to be making.

    I have a few more comments to make about other matters but another time maybe.

    1. Steve – I was replying to Anna who’s stance was that once we’ve had a referendum that was it. I pointed out that we’d already had a referendum on Europe. It was in 1974 and it was to go in.
      You are totally wrong about Cameron. He called the referendum to keep his lunatic fringe on side for the election. That was the deal he cut.
      I am very vocal about the bad things Europe does but I am also very keen on the good things too. Overall Europe is a good deal and a lot of great stuff comes out of it – environmental and pollution laws, human rights, workers rights, science collaboration, antiterrorism collaboration, free trade, free movement being some of them. There is corruption in Europe (same as there is in Britain) and it needs rooting out.
      I was referring to the Scottish referendum to break away from Britain.
      Another Scottish referendum will occur just as soon as they think they have a chance of winning it. At the moment it’s on hold because they know they’ll lose.
      I do know how collaboration on antiterrorism works and the exchange of information which IS in jeopardy from Brexit.

      1. You must be Opher. Hello.
        Yes, I realised you were replying to another, but I’d read your post and you’d asked for comment. I’ve never been around here before so had no idea what to expect.
        Neither do I usually ever give other new blogs much time over the ones that I’ve been doing for some time now, but a good friend of mine pointed me to here a while back on some Hendrix chat, but I missed that boat at the time but took a note of where I was and came across it again the other day.
        Unfortunately, I think you fell out with my friend, at least that was what he told me, which is a pity because the guy’s knowledge on music stuff is beyond the realms of decency. His knowledge on anything to do with almost anybody in music worth talking about is simply fantastic. He’s won more bets with people who thought they knew something than I could count. I’ve seen him clean out pockets on customers in my record shop. I would never dream to counter anything he said as he’d crucify my half-knowledge. On Hendrix or Dylan, he’d tell you what colour of socks they were wearing when they recorded a song. I can’t even begin to convey the full extent of the guys knowledge. Oh, I can a bit, as I know he wrote a book on Hendrix, explaining exactly what track is on which records/CDs and it runs to something like a thousand pages – with, wait for it – another book cross-referenced with a chronological account of every single Hendrix session and live concert show cross-referenced to the records and CDs available to collectors and who plays what and when on all these studio sessions. He sent me a file copy in email and I didn’t really know what to do with it as I’m simply not qualified to use it.
        It’s a pity too because the guy’s worked all over the world in really cool jobs and really knows about loads of stuff that the average joe doesn’t have a clue about and has got great solid information. At least that’s how I work it on other blogs we bump into each other on. For sure people fall out with him there too, but once they “get” what he’s saying, they cool it and start lending an ear and many are thankful they did as he gives them an education on separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. He just takes no prisoners on people who stupify themselves with ‘political allegiances’. His wit and slash of tongue is dangerous and those who don’t get it suffer very badly as he has a very cruel streak. That cruel streak can be very entertaining, but as long as I’m not at the end of it. He’s wrapped my ears around my neck more times than I can count, calling me for all and a mediocrity gobshite generalist, but I eventually realised why. I must be slow. I was slow. I was nowhere near the knowledge mark in his estimation and I was making statements of what I thought about stuff and he gave me a public flogging. Sometimes he agreed with me, phew. He does lecture level blogs these days, wallowing with the intelligentsia of political satire blogs. No disrespect to this here blog, but that other stuff is off the scale of my radar. I’m not qualified to join in, least of all make a comment.

        I’m not entirely too sure what you’re saying or why you’re saying it, as it seems you’re double-tracking back on yourself a bit so as to to re-script your comments to suit what you’re previously said. I’m not bothered, you do what you like, but as long as you know that I know etc.
        Your take on Cameron is incorrect. Period. I can’t argue with you here as your comments on this so far verge on the fringes of lunacy itself. Utter nonsense, dear boy, said in the nicest possible way.
        I am pleased to learn of your EU keenness, however, remain utterly unimpressed with the claims of great stuff, particularly “human rights”, when women still get payed less than men for doing the very same job. So much for Trade Unions and all that bollocks. As for “workers rights”, you definitely never worked a labour job in Europe, as your rear end is doing your talking on that. I read this ‘wind’ all the time and it’s mindless chitter-chatter by talking heads with little a clue. As for rooting out corruption in EU, are you kidding me? It’s indelibly stamped into its friggin’ bones, you cannot be serious. I would ask if you have ever talked with a French or Italian Unionist? You’d might wet your shorts.

        No, I think you were referring to the Scottish vote as per Brexit, whereby, it has been hi-jacked by hardcore SNP (I am not hardcore, as I don’t do Marxism) and taken to indicate a mass vote to stay in EU. The Leaving UK vote was an entirely different earlier vote and may not be confused, at least spoken of in the same sentence or context as to avoid confusion, as I fear you have managed to confuse yourself, never mind any other reader.
        As I previously stated to you, Sturgeon has calmed down and stated she won’t come back to another breakaway from UK referendum vote until after Brexit. Of course SNP know they’d lose right now as they did so badly in the last election. That’s a no-brainer and regardless of what Sturgeon thinks or wants to think, the public told her to get stuffed. She blew it big time and people just got sick and tired of her bleating on and on about it. Even I did too. Alex Salmond must be utterly furious with her as she also managed to lose him his seat. The Tories pissed all over them.
        England can no longer count their Scottish chickens as it’s not as instantly easy to read the tea leaves as it used to be.
        The equation is:
        Scotland does NOT want to break from UK.
        Scotland DOES want to stay in EU.
        but ONLY if England does too.
        If England does NOT, Scotland could not possibly afford to be a complete EU member off its own back for a very long time.
        Why? Too much industry was lost to the EU by very, very bad Labour policies for too many years. It’s Catch 22, just when we need the support of the labour force, we ain’t got one cos those responsible for the labour force sold us down the figgin’ Swanny for a few schekels more for their lazy-ass cronies and TU leaderships. And loads of cheap non-skilled and semi-skilled foreign labour. We lost tons of brains and skilled people during Blair’s tenure and never recovered.
        That’s why Conservative has been slowly creeping up to unprecedented levels of representation. People couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss really about the EU, they just want jobs back and better opportunities for their kids. Whole former totally former Labour zones have been completely Torified by themselves. They chose it for themselves. You want people power? You got it, in spades. Labour is finished in Scotland. SNP are now losing their shirt because they can’t write the script. They were 12 Billion pounds SHORT in their last budget because they put all their eggs in the one basket of oil that subsequently dropped in barrel price value.
        A bunch enthusiastic childish amateurs playing serious adult games and somethings got to give, inevitably. The SNP is itself in danger of breaking into fractures. There’s no fixed management policy between those working at Scottish parliament and those at Westminster. All you see is a bright public sheen. You don’t see or hear about the shambles behind the scenes.
        Basically, whatever you’ve just said about the SNP is all a figment of your imagination. Period.

        I must disagree with your take about security and exchange of information going to be compromised. Secondly, it was compromised the minute the Eastern bloc gained entry as we had no idea who was what and basically still don’t. So I can’t share your immediate concerns.
        Last but not least all Aviation and Shipping rules, regulations and laws are international and not under the control of just the EU and policed on an international no-borders, no nonsense basis. Unless of course people start swimming to Dover.
        Concluding with, most terrorists operating on any level in UK, be it solo or part of a cell have been born here.
        It’s mainly those incidents in France, Belgium etc where terrorists have originated from elsewhere.

      2. Firstly – while I respect the guy’s extensive knowledge of music he has a severe character flaw that means that means he cannot help being personally abusive, rude, plain nasty, pedantic and unpleasant. None of which I need. He is a nerd who relies on ‘facts’ but I was there and lived through it. I saw Hendrix and know what I saw and felt. He is also far from infallible and has too high opinion of his own views. I find his extreme islamophobic ranting offensive and I’m not one who likes Islam.
        I do not believe I am double tracking back on myself at all. Maybe the way I wrote it wasn’t clear.
        I stand by my views on Cameron and know exactly what he was trying to do. He promised a referendum to the right-wing of his party to keep them on board during the election. He did not expect to win a majority in that election and thought he would not have to go through with the referendum. He thought he would be in a coalition with the LibDems again. Unfortunately he won a slim majority and had to go through with it.
        The fact that we still have a way to go on things like Human rights and equal pay for women does not negate the rest of the good stuff. Europe has been a force for good and kept the peace since the last war. Far better to talk and trade rather than fight. It is more left-wing than Britain, despite the nature of the EU itself, which needs a democratic overhaul. I would far rather be on the inside making it better than isolated, insular and rotting on the outside.
        No I was not referring to the Scottish vote on Brexit. I was referring to the Scottish referendum.
        Scotland is politically a mess. They need to sort themselves out – and not by electing a bunch of right-wing Tory scum.
        The collaboration with Europe on security and crime IS compromised.
        The European rules on aviation has prompted firms like Ryanair to open European subsidiaries and move.
        Yes – our terrorists were born here. Leaving the EU will not alter that. But sorting out the networks that feed them will. I value freedom of movement – we should simply have signed up to the EU agreement whereby we could have shipped all EU citizens without a job back to their home countries. Why didn’t we?

      3. Hi again Opher
        Obviously you are entitled to your opinion and I immediately respect that but perhaps of a different age and all that entails, as I have as others, too, read your own responses on occasion and would suggest it’s always best not to throw stones in a glasshouse.
        Firstly, you comment about extreme Islamophobia is entirely wrong. So very wrong and extremely shocking for me to read. The guy had been married to a Muslim girl (I think maybe ex-Muslim), and for years worked in Muslim countries. His knowledge of Islamic life is way beyond that of the norm. It’s not the people he hates, but the religion and all it stands for. How could you fail to understand that? He discusses a lot of debates about the problems Islam has in UK society and never have I read any such reports as you make claim here. You really need to correct that to read Islamophobia of the religion of Islam but not of its followers – they are given no choice and everybody know that.

        Anyway, I don’t think you fully “got” the full extent of his most wicked sense of humour – he’s taking the piss out of people ALL the time, testing their knowledge by dropping bits of info in, leaving vital stuff out and waiting to see what their reaction is. For instance he will know when people woffle on about Islam and once they start saying things like “oh well, with my Islamic friends, I find blah blah”, he’s onto them like Flynn. He’ll tear them apart because he knows that they’re talking crap and making stuff up so’s they look good and ‘Politically Correct’. Once he’s satisfied that they really don’t know what they are talking about and are just giving him a load of woffle in the hope that that will suffice, or at best where they only have half the story, he crushes them. It isn’t pleasant being on that receiving end, nor is it supposed to be, but for another reader it is nothing short of hilarious.
        Suffice to say that he has a huge support elsewhere and a most popular contributor. He operates a point score policy on people, along the lines of “he’s a 4 or he’s an 8” etc as regards challenge of debate. It’s very funny to watch and you can see him warming up post by post, then whoosh! Like the M&M’s advert “now I understand what all the biting is for”. Some say “cruel but fair”. Besides, you must have heard the old adage “stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? I can only suggest you climb down from your imaginary horse and put your clothes back on as there are loads of full-on total geeks like him out there. Goodness me, no wonders this blog site’s like an old ladies’ tea-room, just look at the lack of action and banter – it’s one nail away from the completely secured coffin lid. I had a look at several recent other post blogs on this site. Where are all the other intelligent and interesting people?, I only counted one and he got short shrift for his efforts and was off into the ether. Mmmm.
        You do have a tendency not to digest alternative information as evident above and are seemingly unwilling to give a morsel of leeway to criteria otherwise not generated by your very own pen. That in itself is a most unfortunate trait, dogmatic some may say, and subject to instant closure of any further interactive debate on a level as perceived as equally enjoyable by both (or more) parties, subject to fair play. By fair play, I suggest that is obtained by explaining as to how you have arrived at any conclusion other than simply stating it as a factual fact without any consideration towards another’s interpretation of how you may have arrived at said conclusion.
        Basically, you all too frequently fail to back up a whole litany of statements in argument to debate. Were a fact checker employed on a point by point basis, I do not think the score count would be particularly high. Generalist statements make for a most desultory non-interaction. One cannot build a debate around a statement such as “today is Sunday”, when indeed it is and so what?

        As we had been discussing earlier>
        Your entire take of events on Cameron as they unfolded are a conclusion of how these events maybe perceived, but certainly they were not as planned that way. That was too easy to do as all you have done is added things up, 2 +2 = 5, and could not have done that back at the time as you had no idea what was going on. You could not have had any idea of what was going on inside Conservative at top level. Cameron always had a slightly tougher faction of members to contend with – as do all parties – there are always a few mavericks – and some of them wanted out of the EU, and had done so for some considerable time, probably since Blair cleared his desk. We had contended with at least half of Blair’s tenure with cripplingly expensive EU costs on top of the inability to contend with the influx of multitudes of people aimlessly wandering in looking for the imaginary golden goose that our EU cousins had so readily promised. We were this promised land of milk and honey to them and drowned ourselves in what was basically no more than a refugee crisis bearing down en masse on all our public services.
        We should remind ourselves of the state of flux in 2009. We’d just come out of 12 years of financial lunacy having borrowed vast sums at extremely inflated prices for no good reason other than bull-headed stupidity, lies, wanton wastage and policies of throw-away wastages. These debts crippled any further immediate investiture which is why the then new Governor of the Bank of England had to conjure up some financial planning magic by capping inflation down to a level of 0.5% – which realistically should have been considerably more, and building a protective cloak around any further devaluation of the Pound. You can double check that for yourself as his opening speech upon taking the bank’s reigns is readily available on youtube.

        The rest needs not much further comment from me as I said all I wanted to.
        At first I hadn’t realised that I’d just walked into a room adorned with the Labour Party Manifesto. I’m sorry, but I broke away from one-sided political thinking years and years ago to the extent that I can no longer think on such terms. I had thought such fossils could only still be found in towns like Barnsley – I just love the way people from Barnsley pronounce the name, cracks me up every time as it’s like something from 1799. I saw the Labour Party membership guy on BBC’s Questiontime some weeks ago and he was the most backward horrible bloke and then heard he’s got done for embezzlement of fraudulent expenses claims. What with Corbyn’s claims never to have known any IRA, and there he is several times on a stage with them and lies about it. Incredibly horrible people. Can’t see the attraction with that lot. I can’t be doing your one side good, one side bad thing at all.
        Except that I’m not too sure what you refer to as per European rules on aviation.
        Ryanair can do what they like when they like. Nor would I worry too much what some Irish budget airline does or doesn’t do. They’re a bit like what they say about prime ministers – “they come and they go”. So, sorry I can’t give any brownie points there.
        Also – this “bunch of right-wing Tory scum” as you so delightfully describe were elected on the whole by disenfranchised former Labour voters. That in itself says quite a lot regarding people’s perception of Labour here. As I previously stated, the advance of Tory support has been creeping up for years. I suggest you think deep and hard as to the reasons why that has been the case. People definitely do not talk on such terms as you are regarding their Conservative MP’s.
        As for “Scotland is politically a mess”, it really isn’t, a few seats lost last time, many gained before that and etc etc. Basically in the last 20 years the SNP deposed Labour and sent it spinning into distant history. I guess that must be a hard pill to swallow for those that fly the red flag, but we’ve moved on up here and we’re so much more cosmopolitan than little England and always have been. The only mess we have is what England has done to us for decades and it will take quite some time to fix. We got badly screwed over by far too many migrants of all sorts pouring in here with nowhere to go and social services took a hammering to almost a flux of collapse. Really stupid stuff.

        We didn’t ship them back because that goes against the social mores. Although in truth many problem persons are quietly bundled back out without a song and dance about it. The EU public image is one of a free-for-all and anything goes, you can go anywhere you like when you like and don’t worry because the local government where ever that might be will look after your every need. Like hell is does. In UK people will qualify for support benefits and might get assisted housing, in Italy and at least ten other member states they may very well starve to death. The eastern sector of EU has a vast population of transient gypsy’s flogging a dead horse and has created this Frankenstein monster that nobody wants to discuss.

        I think the networks that feed any UK based terrorist are everywhere and certainly not handily residing in Brussels or the likes. So I’m not too sure what any difference would be concerning our membership of the EU whilst tackling terrorism. You’re talking jingoist project fear fake news level on this. Islamic terrorism is global and certainly not just a Euro problem.

        My time here has now come to an end. Thanks.

      4. Pity, as we didn’t manage to get as far as what your take is on the dangers of rising left-wing antisemitism, ie., former Labour Party leader, Harriet Harman etc.

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