The Gordian Fetish – The Book Cover

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This is the cover for my new book. What is your opinion of it?

I have now done my apprenticeship and am looking for a more professional approach that fits the standard of the writing.

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.

In the UK:

In the USA:

Elsewhere in the world please check your local Amazon. My books are available in both paperback and digital.

Thank you for looking.

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4 thoughts on “The Gordian Fetish – The Book Cover

  1. Certainly a vast improvement on the (sorry, but I have to say it) grossly inept and amateurish artwork used (as advertised) for other publications, but why an image of the Moon when this volume is about Earth?

    For a more professional approach that fits the standard of the writing, firstly, perhaps remove the word “am” from line 2 above as it’s simply an abbreviation of “I am” and you have already opened the sentence with “I”, therefore, need not use it again within same said sentence.

    The general standard of grammatical knowledge and writing skill is taking a hammering with this self-publishing malarkey and we’re dropping and losing very valuable communication standards. Whilst we do this all too readily and frequently amongst ourselves, I fear for our future abilities to communicate with anything else were it ever necessary.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I shall think about them. It is kind of you to take the trouble. I’m glad you think the artwork is an improvement. The story is not just about the Earth so I did consider the image pertinent but I shall reconsider. It is always good to get feedback.
      I would hope you would find the quality of the writing of a high order and that standards have not dropped. I am still thinking about the humour in the book and how that plays out.
      Thanks again – Opher

      1. I jest of course regarding quality – as I’ve found myself in power mode recently writing instruction manuals for a well known brand of television. The transition from Japanese to roughly English and then some serious spit and polish by myself gives one a false sense of the high order of such standards!

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