Vinyl, CD or MP3? Digital or book?

Which is best? And why have I got it all?

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I have every format of music with thousands of vinyl albums, CDs and gigabytes of electronic music. I have a whole library of books and a stuffed kindle.

So what do I prefer?

I prefer books and vinyl.

As a reading experience the kindle is fine. As a playing experience I am quite happy with CDs and even MP3s.

But there is nothing that can compare with holding a tangible work of art in your hand. A vinyl album is a work of art. The cover is designed to be that size. The writing on the sleeve notes is easily legible. I relish coming home with a new possession. Taking the album out and carefully putting it on the turntable, then reading the liner notes and studying the cover while it plays. It is substantial. It has weight. There is a reverence to the ritual of playing it. It adds gravity…

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