The warmth of Vinyl. Is it merely nostalgia?

I love having something I can hold in my hands and appreciate the artwork.

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The warmth of Vinyl. Is it merely nostalgia?

There is a big ongoing debate concerning the benefits of the attributes of vinyl compared to digital.

Is it merely nostalgia or is there a noticeable difference?

Well I started collecting vinyl singles in 1960 when I was eleven. My older friend Clive sold on his Buddy Holly and Adam Faith singles to me and I played them endlessly on my old Dansette. Then I started on the albums. I’ve still got all my old Beatles, Stones and Roy Harper albums in my collection. I’ve got four thousand albums so you could say I’m a vinyl junkie.

I used to have eleven thousand vinyl albums. But I sold a lot back in the eighties. I still regret that.

However I also have ten thousand CDs and a huge wadge of MP3s.

I like music!

I am happy to sing along at the…

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2 thoughts on “The warmth of Vinyl. Is it merely nostalgia?

  1. I think that Records sound better just because of this in the Nostalgia that I associate with them.

    I’m curious if you took the same song and listen to it on vinyl and then MP3 and then on cd if you would find that same distinction. Or is that what you did?

    Also I like to have my music. Like I’m record or CD I actually feel like the song and the music is mine. MP3s and stuff that I saved on my phone or computer doesn’t really feel like my music. I’m probably getting old but I just don’t like the idea that there’s this cloud up there that just holds a bunch information and we all get to access it. To me it kind of takes away from what Music actually is.

    In short I think there’s a lot of subjectivity that goes into whether or not vinyl sounds better than digital.

    I produce music on my computer and there is every sort of gizmo that can supply every kind of noise that you could want. From the subtle kind of saturation that when you listen to it you don’t even consciously hear, to the shorter bandwidth frequencies that identify the various decades of recording technology.

    Someone who I met was passing through town and bought a $40,000 analogue recording console with real to reel and all that stuff. And I asked him if he really thought that made that much difference and he said it absolutely does. But I’m kind of a pessimist and I think it’s all subjective hype.

    There’s nothing about Levi’s jeans that makes it any better than like Costco brand jeans or wrangler brand jeans, except maybe the cut. And there’s definitely nothing about some 40-year-old para jeans that should cost anymore or that somehow is better than a para jeans that is brand new that I just put through the washing with Gene 300 times in maybe cut a couple holes in it so we would Fray. Lol.

    I think anymore it’s just that people have to become more and more particular about things as well as the various things that they decide to be more particular about that so I was them to feel that there somehow other higher ability to discern then the run of the mill human being.

    But if I had my way I wouldn’t have lost all of my records either. I would’ve hung onto my turntable and my cassette deck and my amplifier in my big speakers and my cassette tape‘s.

    But life is life and really what is it that I would’ve been hanging onto?

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to reflect.

    1. Landzek – thanks for that. I agree with you. To me the playing of music used to be an immersive experience involving the music, the physical process of playing an album and handling the vinyl, the process of reading the cover and studying the artwork. MP3s lack all that. I don’t really care if the sound is as good – the experience isn’t.
      I’m glad I kept a lot of my vinyl though I don’t play it anywhere near as much.

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