Has digital destroyed Rock Music?

Is that why the young have gone back to vinyl?

Opher's World

Opher's World tributes cover

Once upon a time my Saturday’s were spent hunting round a string of second-hand record shops. I would meet up with similar people and have a chat and a laugh. There were bargains to be had. It was all about knowing your stuff; knowing about the artists and albums, the labels and genres. I would find the odd gem plus a number of OK albums and carry them off home to peruse at leisure.

Those were fun days.

When I got home I would spend time looking over my finds. I would read the blurb o the back avidly and look at the photos. Then I’d play them through. Sometimes I would play an album endlessly until I knew every note, every word and the melody. It was an experience.

The excitement of finding a treasure set the heart pounding. You would hold it and look at it and feel…

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