To Purchase My Books – Opher Goodwin.

To Purchase my books

If you wish to purchase any of my books you can do so by clicking on the links below (Click on the picture). That should take you to the place on Amazon where my books currently reside.  I have noticed that sometimes this all plays up! You can go directly to Opher Goodwin at Amazon where they are all listed which might be less hassle. I have both kindle and paperback versions available.

If you wish to find out more about the books prior to purchase please go to the relevant book in ‘my books’. Descriptions of most of them are there.

Here’s a link to my page on Amazon:

Thank you for purchasing my books! I hope you get immense pleasure out of them!


1. A passion for Education – A Headteacher’s story

The Environment

1. Anthropocene Apocalypse

Books on Rock Music:

1. ‘In search of Captain Beefheart’ –

Paper back version with black & white photos:

Kindle version:

Paperback version:


2.The Times and Tales of a Sixties Freak

Kindle and Paperback:

3. 537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 1 – The first 270


Antitheist writing

1. The Antitheist’s Dictionary

Kindle & Paperback

2. The Antitheist’s Bible


1. Reflections from a Ditch

Kindle & Paperback

2. Goofin’ with the Cosmic Freaks

Kindle & Paperback – Kerouac meets the sixties

3. The Book of Ginny

Kindle & Paperback


Science Fiction

1. Green

Kindle & Paperback versions:


To buy Green, paper back version Click here

2. Starturn – Intergalactic Rockstar

Kindle version:

Paperback version:


3. Nosedive:

Kindle & Paperback versions:


4. Pornographic Syndromes

Kindle & Paperback


5. Hallucination

Kindle & Paperback

More will be with us shortly!

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