Stuck for an exciting, imaginative or different Solstice Festivities present? Do you want something completely unique?

Looks, good, reads good and by golly it does your brain good.

Opher's World

Are you looking for something unique and imaginative for a close friend this Solstice? Do you want a special gift that will thrill and be totally unexpected and individual – something that looks great and reads brilliantly? A gift that will always be remembered because it is out of the ordinary and highly memorable?

Well why not purchase an exclusive Opher Book.

There are books on Rock Music, Sci-fi, the environment, Sixties, Education, Art, Poetry as well as other interesting novels. Something for every taste.

Buy a present that will change lives, be thought-provoking, ethical and great to read.


In the UK:

Please check out my books:

In the USA:

Please check out my books:

For all other countries please check out your local Amazon.

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