Borobudur – the most amazing Temple Complex – in Java. Photos

We travelled across Java to climb up this most amazing temple complex that rivals Ankor Watt. Fabulous: It used to be on an island in a lake and must have looked amazingly spectacular. Religions sure like to impress. I bet it was very colourful too. It was shaken to bits in volcanic activity and buried under volcanic ash. They’ve dug it out and reconstructed it. I’m glad they did.

8 thoughts on “Borobudur – the most amazing Temple Complex – in Java. Photos

  1. Ah yes! I’m familiar with that volcano! Krakatoa I believe it was, in August 1883. That was the last major eruption. It was heard around the world four rimes busting folks eardrums as far as 40 miles away, and the ash was in the air for a long, long time. But it’s not dead. There is a new volcano on rising, Anak Krakatoa. Son of Krakatoa. They say it’s growing fairly quickly. Brings to mind the movie “Krakatoa East of Java” with Brian Keith. An old, old favorite!

    1. It is a major seismically active area. There must have been some gigantic eruptions.
      When the Cascades went up – Mount Mazama, which formed Crater Lake in its caldera, was one of the biggest mountains in the world. That was spectacular. The Native Americans talk of the volcanoes erupting in their stories.

      1. I’ve been to Crater Lake. I thought it was eerie to stand there and know there may still be some folks buried under the lava. It was creepy. (Though I could be wrong about the people. Can’t remember. It’s been awhile.) LOVE volcanology.

      2. That eruption was colossal. The whole mountain disappeared – made St Helens look tiny. It must have devastated the area all around and buried many tribes in ash. That lake is one of the deepest in the world – the seventh deepest if I remember correctly. What a bang.

      3. It was about a reporter who knew it was going to happen before it did. It was interesting as Twilight Zone episodes go. Just barely saw it on Netflix.

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