In credible String Band – Way Back in the 1960s – humorous lyrics with a satirical bite.

They epitomised the sixties for me.

Opher's World

incredible string band

It is strange to find the sixties so far back in time. There was an ethos and energy that went far beyond the stereotype of pot, acid and sex. There was fun, idealism and a reaction against the prudish drab conservatism of that pre-sixties society. Now all we have are the stereotypes, Carnaby Street phoney gloss and stoner numbskulls.

The satirical element concentrates on the inevitable slump into the plastic society we have been busy creating – plastic entertainment, plastic food and plastic people. Then the sell-outs who were in it for the money. The use of Britain as a nuclear aircraft carrier of the USA. The silliness of fashion and phoney language adopted by the young trendies.

It was a great song from a great album.

Back in the 1960’s

I was a young man back in the 1960’s
Yes, you made your own amusements then
For going to…

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