21 thoughts on “Isle of Mull – Photography – Highland Cattle, Herons, Geese, Beaches and Mountains.

    1. Take like a month so you can really see everything properly! It’s not as fun when you rush it! And don’t come during April or July because the weather will be pretty bad!

      1. I know right? I saw on tv the other day skye is having probs because of all the visitors. they are scared its going to get ruined

      2. Mull wasn’t too bad and neither was Iona. But interesting or beautiful places do get so clogged up with tourists. Skye is one of the most popular. I guess you have to choose your time.

  1. Wonderful photographs, so enjoyed looking at them. If only I could take one of those boats and just go off, no actually I would need something bigger how wonderful it would be to sail off into the distance all that beauty one would see and all that peace apart from the Birds. More boats please Opher.

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