New novel – Danny’s Story – Chapter 10 – Retrieving from Cheryl

Chapter 10 – it proceeds.

Opher's World


Chapter 10 – Retrieving from Cheryl

The rug set off the room and brought it all together. The walls shone and the empty shelves beckoned.

It was time to retrieve his things. Pete, Diane and Danny had become a hilarious threesome. Cheryl stood grim-faced while the three of them gathered Danny’s things and put them in boxes. It took seven trips walking through the streets and lugging the heavy boxes of books and albums up the flights of stairs. It was only the banter that stopped their arms being wrenched out of their sockets. It gave them all extra energy.

But they were eventually finished and Danny was in.

That evening he carefully, lovingly, arranged his precious four hundred albums on the shelf he had ear-marked and organised his books alphabetically. He placed his hi-fi on the floor. He blue-tacked his posters on the walls and then stood back to…

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