Danny’s Story – Chapter 8

Another slice of the serial.

Opher's World


Chapter 8 – decoration

Danny set about turning the flat into a home. Although he was on the dole now he didn’t have much money to throw about. Fortunately he did not need much. Mr Rose even let him off a couple of weeks rent. He painted the walls white. It took three coats. He painted the doors white and then painted the middle panels in orange and red. Then he painted the chairs. He had two wooden chairs. They looked so good red and orange that he did the wooden arms of the armchairs and the panels of the cupboards. He painted some flowers, a snail and bees on the white tiles of the old fireplace. Pete and Diane came to help. Pete was brilliant on the flowers and added a scene from jabberwocky. Diane was good at doing the edged straight. She had the patience.

When the painting…

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