New novel – Danny’s Story – the cover.

That’s how the cover came about.

Opher's World

The cover for this book has been a bit of a problem. I wanted to use a painting of mine of the actual flat that I based the book on. The only problem was that I had already used the painting for The Book of Ginny.


This is the painting of the living room I wanted to use that had already been used on The Book of Ginny.


This is one of the bedroom that did not seem quite right for this book – too girlie.


This is the only other one I had from the flat.

So I had a think. I decided to combine two painting and thus create a different effect to that of the Ginny one.

I think it will work. The title bar will go across most of the bottom painting. I think it will look different enough to Ginny to work. We’ll see.


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