What are you excited by today?

My grandchildren have been staying with us. My daughter has moved back from Holland to England. They haven’t seen her for a while.

Today we are taking them back to my daughter and they will see their new house.

My granddaughter is seven years old. I asked her whether she was excited today (not having seen her mummy for a while). She said she was. I asked her what she was most excited about – expecting something about her mum or her new house. She told me:

‘I’m excited about being able to breathe air.’

Perhaps we should wake up excited about the mundane wonders of life – like being able to breathe.

25 thoughts on “What are you excited by today?

  1. Wow that is such an awesome thing to be grateful for! We always forget the small stuff but that’s what’s important and that’s what we should be grateful for.

  2. Opher, you’re so right about losing the wonder of childhood once we mature to adults. That’s not a good thing. We need the children to remind us to play and be aware of the truly important things in life!

      1. Ha ha Cheryl. I hate to think of the poor girl trying to cope with the madness of my genes. But she seems to be in charge.

      2. Thanks, hon. Got a ways to go yet. Only halfway through the prednisone treatment. Still having issues with fatigue in my neck muscles. Going to be going in for a gamma globulin infusion soon now, I reckon, to see if we can jump start my immune system again. Blah…

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