Opher on spirituality.

??????? More questions than answers.

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I am an antitheist – I am opposed to all religions. I think they are created by man and do more harm than good. I would like to see all religion wither on the vine.

But spirituality? No. I like spirituality.

I think religions probably started out as means of celebrating spirituality before they turned into power trips for megalomaniacs and indoctrination courses for children.

I do not think science understands everything or will ever understand everything. The universe becomes weirder and weirder with every discovery. What I am sure of is that a lot of the things that seem so inexplicable to us now may well be found to have a scientific basis. We do seem to connect mentally. There does seem to be synchronicity. There are incredible coincidences. People read religious/spiritual things into these. Maybe there is a spiritual element or maybe it has a scientific principle that…

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4 thoughts on “Opher on spirituality.

  1. Spirituality is from the very same nut job mentality of religion. The exact same dead-brain cretins that are ruled by religion or (as they say) used to be, all fall for this spirituality crap. And it’s total crap. It’s for the needy, those weak minded, lost souls people who’ll take anything on board to soften the reality of their mortality. They just cannot face or tolerate the inevitable, their death or anybody else’s for that matter.
    I pity these fools for having wasted so much of their lives wrapped up in fearful repression of the inevitable due to what is basically their nemesis, their own psychological immaturity. Spirituality is just an imaginary fluffy protective blanket, a surrogate mother. Some guys regress to games where they dress up as babies and suckle, paying for it as a pleasure, as you do, and this spirituality lark is from pretty much the same protective page, but costs nothing and probably a lot less embarrassing were anyone to find out about it. It also seems to be the chat-about topic of the not-too-sure’s, those that say they don’t follow religion. There’s obviously been some previous psychological damage done otherwise they wouldn’t be needing such a vacuous pursuit. Spirituality is a cop-out for the religiously lazy, those who just can’t be bothered with the commitment. I think some of them think it’s pretty cool to be talking about. For me, all it does is ring a load of alarm bells “beware, village nutter approaching”. It’s the pursuit of the damaged, sad and lonely.

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