537 Essential Rock Albums – Bo Carter – Banana in Your Fruit Basket

Bo was one of my favourites.

Opher's World

For me you can trace Rock right back to its roots in acoustic blues from the 1930s. Bo Carter might not be the best but he is one of the 1930s Blues singers that I greatly enjoy. His risqué Blues would have seemed quite shocking.


  1. Bo Carter – Banana in Your Fruit Basket

A lot of the Blues we have recorded was sanitised for general output. The Blues came from rural areas in Mississippi and Louisiana and was the music of the hard-working sharecropping families who worked there. It served many functions – as work-songs – to speed up the repetitive labour in the fields – as dance songs at the country barbeques – as busking songs in the streets – as songs for entertainment in the bars and brothels – and as protest and cathartic anger. I think a lot of these never saw the light of day. They…

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