Featured Book – Anthropocene Apocalypse – why I wrote it.

Featured Book – Anthropocene Apocalypse – why I wrote it.


I have been fortunate enough to live a long life and travel the world. I have seen first hand the effect mankind has had on the planet and it greatly upsets me.

In my lifetime the human population has more than doubled. It is set to double again within my life expectancy – in one lifetime it will have more than quadrupled. It does not take a mathematical genius to know that this is unsustainable.

Common animals such as chimpanzees, tigers, elephants, rhinos, gorillas and butterflies are in danger of becoming extinct.

Everywhere I went it was the same story – deforestation, pollution, destruction, overpopulation and the slaughter of wildlife.

I wrote the Anthropocene Apocalypse to chronicle what I had seen, highlight the terrible consequences of what we were doing to nature and to suggest ways forward.

I tried to write it in an easy to read and interesting manner. I wanted it to be accessible and interesting.

It is the most important book I have written.

What I have witnessed all around the world disgusts and distresses me. We need to sort it out

We can sort it out. If we want to. It does not have to be like this. It is in our power to change it.

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