Savouring the Warmth – A poem

Savouring the Warmth


Savouring the last warmth of a life

As the embers slowly set;

When finally it all makes sense

And the jigsaw is complete.

And residing in the ochre

Glow of that sunset

Are the cinders of a life

Well spent

Giving warmth and light

To satisfy the heart.

There within that afterglow

Of all that has been achieved

Lies the essence of a life.

Yet it is never enough –

If we could just go back

To polish the edges.


Opher 23.3.2017

10 thoughts on “Savouring the Warmth – A poem

    1. Well, sadly, I’m not a perfectionist. I’m more broad stroke – which is why I need a good editor for my writing (but that is quite usual for most writers). The same in life. It is the mistakes or lousy decisions that stand out in the mind and are cause for regret. There are some things I could have done better or differently.

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