Are plants conscious?

Looking at electrical activity in plants it is clear that they react to things going on around them. How aware are they? Do they experience pain? Perhaps new techniques in science will reveal more?

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We are very anthropomorphic and judge any and everything by its similarity to us.

Plants are very different to us.

Because of the way they feed they do not require specialised organs. They do not need to move.

But plant cells are extremely complex – much more complex than any animal cells. They are much more evolved.

Our brain, which is the seat of our consciousness, works on ionic balances creating changes in cell polarisation.

All plant cells utilise the same system.

Is it possible that the whole of a plant operates like our brains?

Do plants think?

If so this has great implications for vegetarians and salad eaters.

To be eaten alive cannot be pleasant.

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4 thoughts on “Are plants conscious?

    1. That was a poor choice of words of mine – as everything started once and is as evolved as everything else. What I meant was that they were far more complex and sophisticated on a cellular level. They have a less specialised structure on the grand scale but a more advanced biochemistry. That opens up a lot of possibilities to my mind.

      1. No there is more to it than that John. The chemistry of a plant cell is more complicated than animals cells in lots of ways. They can manufacture a whole range of complex organic molecules from basic atoms. Animals have to take those in from their diet – plants can make them.

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