Are plants cleverer that humans?

I suspect they do.

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What makes an animal intelligent? – Its brain.

How does the brain work? –  It forms a complex network of neurones that fire as with a computer.

How do the nerve cells fire? – They have electrochemical charges on their membranes. They change electric potential by moving charged ions.

Do plants think? – We don’t know. We know they are conscious of their environment and respond to it.

How would a plant think? It doesn’t have a brain or nervous system does it? – All plant cells have the same electro-potential as brain cells. Maybe the whole plant operates as a brain?

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6 thoughts on “Are plants cleverer that humans?

    1. I wrote a Sci-fi novel about something similar John – though this was a girl born without a nervous system – just a brain – and an active one at that.
      Plants fascinate me. Their biochemistry is so much superior to ours.

      1. I think there is so much still to be understood and discovered. We like to think we are living in a modern world but we aren’t. We are still at the dawn of science. It has only really been around a couple of hundred years. Someone once asked the great historian AP Taylor when the Dark Ages ended. He said that they haven’t – we’re still living them. I think he was right.

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