Jose Mujica Quotes.

I love this guy.

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Jose Mujica was the President of Uruguay. He started off as a revolutionary and ended up as a wise, humble, pragmatic, visionary, liberalising 80 year old. He donated 90% of his salary to charity and lived like his fellow countrymen.

He liberalised the laws on cannabis, gay marriage and abortion. Not bad for an old man. He ruled over a country that was prosperous and contented. In his early days he was imprisoned as a terrorist.

He is probably the politician that I have most respect for.

‘Former President of Uruguay Jose Mujica was once considered the poorest, most humble leader in the world. Mujica took office in March 2010, but never moved into Uruguay’s presidential palace. Instead, he opted to remain in his run-down chrysanthemum farm that he shared with his wife and several animals.’

That’s how I like my politicians – committed to doing what is right and…

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