Poetry – The machine – a poem about the world

The machine is real.

Opher's World

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The machine

The world is run by people who do not care. They do not care about the misery they create. They do not care if their profits are based on exploitation, starvation and despair. They do not care if their methods leave instability, war and chaos. They simply do not care.

All they care about if the bottom line, how to earn more and maximize their profits.

It helps if there is chaos. It helps if there is inequality. There is a market to exploit. Desperate people take lower wages. The powerful require protection. There are weapons to be sold.

These people provide the funds for our politicians. They own our media. They lobby the government. Without their support the politicians are unelectable. They control the system.

They control the money markets that are the blood our economies. Without their investment we become bankrupt.

The control the price of…

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