The Journey Pt. 27 – Into Safe Waters – or a false sense of security?

The Security Guards left the ship in the early hours of the morning, inconsiderately clamouring and bumping their way off the boat, probably laden with their barbed-wire, machine-guns and muscles.

We are safely through the pirate waters.

It was a bit sad. I’d become fed-up with the diet of Matt Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Neil Diamond that the performers serve up on this ship under the dubious guise of entertainment. I was craving something with more substance and was looking forward to a bit of pirate radio and buying a few pirate Rock CDs.

Well no more. We’re back into safe waters and the bubble of our way of life, bereft of danger, sanitised and secure, now once more lacking the spice of danger.

The threat, violence and uncertainty of life that pervades those lawless lands of anarchy and violence, from whence the pirates emanate to pursue their perilous exploits, no longer cast its spell over us.

We were free once more to dream in luxury. But I can’t help but wonder whose dreams are the most vivid? Are we cocooned in an unreal watered down version of life?

I think I’d much rather be out hunting on the African Savannah where the lions run free. Short and exciting might be preferable to long and tedious. Even the music plays safe and is the lowest common denominator. If I have to listen to Neil Diamond one more time I think I’ll go insane.

Life can be too secure.

But at least I’ve got Egypt to look forward to. There’s an armed guard with that too!! That has an element of risk. Not quite bunji jumping into the abyss but a hint of the impermanence of this short visit to this green planet – enough to remind you that life is not forever.

Dicing with death gives us life. Without death life might be dreary.

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