In Search of Captain Beefheart – a memoir of a rockin’ life.

This was when the world rocked!

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In search of Captain Beefheart cover

If you are looking for more of a memoir of a unique experience with Rock Music – into the Abbey Road Studio, to early Hendrix, Cream, Roy Harper and Bob Dylan, the British and American sixties Underground, then maybe this is the book for you:

This is the blurb:

The sixties raged. I was young, crazy, full of hormones and wanting to snatch life by the balls. There was a life out there for the grabbing and it had to be wrestled into submission. There was a society full of boring amoral crap and a life to be had in the face of the boring, comforting vision of slow death on offer. Rock music vented all that passion. This book is a memoir of a life spent immersed in Rock Music. I was born in 1949 and so lived through the whole gamut of Rock. Rock music formed the background…

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