Tory madness and Injustice as polls narrow!!

Dementia tax

Waspy women – (hit their pensions.- raise the age)

Bring back fox hunting

More cuts to police

More cuts to Education

More cuts to the NHS

Tax cuts for the rich


According to Vox Com the polls are narrowing sharply. The people have seen through the Tories. They detest their arrogance. The hate the Tory lies.

‘The critical turning point, according to both Clarkson and Williams, came on May 19 — when the Conservatives released their manifesto (the British equivalent of a party platform). That day, the Conservatives led Labour by 47.2 to 31 — a 16.2-point margin.

The margin started dropping almost immediately after that day, falling more than 6 full points down to roughly 10.1 (44.8 to 34.7). The race has continued to tighten since, as you can see in the following zoomed-in chart:

<img src=”” alt=””>(Javier Zarracina/Vox)

The key problem with the Conservative manifesto was a proposal to require individuals who require in-home support services, like a nurse, to pay for these services on their own if their combined savings and assets, including property, total 100,000 pounds (roughly $130,000) or higher. Currently, the UK’s ”social care” system pays for this kind of in-home assistance for many more people than would be covered under the Conservatives’ plan.

The proposal, which reportedly was added to the manifesto at the last minute, was an immediate disaster. Critics dubbed it the “dementia tax,” as many people who rely on social care are elderly individuals afflicted with dementia. It came across as unnecessarily cruel, once again playing into a longstanding sense that the Conservatives aren’t really interested in helping Britain’s most vulnerable.

The criticism of the “dementia tax” was so overwhelming that, three days later, it was removed from the Conservative manifesto. This actually managed to make things worse: It suggested that May, who was selling herself as a strong hand during the Brexit negotiations, wasn’t to be trusted.

“I think that individually goes some way to explaining the narrowing of the polls,” Clarkson says. “Theresa May previously had always been perceived as very decisive, a very strong leader with firm convictions.”

Anti-May sentiment has risen since. The fourth-most-popular song in the UK singles charts at this moment, by an artist named Captain Ska, is titled “Liar, Liar.” The chorus — “She’s a liar, liar / No, no you can’t trust her” — is of course referring to the prime minister.

After a Conservative misstep of this magnitude, all Corbyn had to do to rise in the polls was not do something worse. But he did one better than that: The Labour leader actually performed relatively well in high-profile media interviews, like a live grilling from popular TV host Jeremy Paxman. It was this steady performance in the face of Conservative blunders, more than his actual policy ideas, that helped turn around Corbyn’s public image.

“Very little of the Labour manifesto has gotten through to most voters,” Clarkson says, citing interviews his firm has conducted with swing voters around the country. “[Corbyn] has come across as the complete opposite of Theresa May: He has some warmth, and he’s prepared to offer some quite funny jokes. Theresa May comes across as kind of a robot.”’

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