Labour surge continues – Sanity Rules – Protect Our Public Services!

Cuts to Police!!

Cuts to the NHS!!

Cuts to Education!!

Cuts to the Social Services!!

Cuts to the Fire Services!!

Cuts to Local Government!!

Cuts to pensions!!

Cuts to the elderly!!

The dementia tax on the sick!!

Tax cuts to the rich!!

Corporation Tax cuts!!

How much longer are we going to have the wool pulled over our eyes by the Tory media!! They are robbing the poor, elderly and disabled to give to the rich!!

The inequality gap has yawned. The rich have doubled their income during this terrible austerity!!

Where is the fairness??

Fortunately the gap is narrowing by the day. People are seeing through the Tory lies.

Seat-by-seat poll predicts which candidate will become your next MP

We appear to be heading for a Hung Parliament! One last push to get a Labour Government and put an end to this terrible, unnecessary, injustice.

The Tories are utterly immoral!

4 thoughts on “Labour surge continues – Sanity Rules – Protect Our Public Services!

  1. I never understood how the other 90 percent ever voted for them and against their own interests. The race card trumps – no pun intended…not)

      1. So what makes them so gullible/stupid? A plan/conspiracy of the ruling class? I think not – which is perhaps even more depressing. Personally, I go down swinging.

      2. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence, deference, a psychological need to follow strong leaders (and they perceive the arrogance of Tories as competence), the ‘I know my place’, falling for the twaddle, the sophistication of the lies, the whole scope of the media lies, the looking up to our superiors, the ignorance of politics, the wish for improvement, the aspiration to be like them, a sense of inferiority, the consistency of the media lies………………….. It makes them ignorant, gullible and easily mislead.

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